Turn off lights after 10 minutes

(Rock) #1

I have a light that automatically turns on after I open the door, but I also want to turn off after 5 minutes. How do I do this? Also, in general I want to be able to turn of certain switches around the house after a x amount of minutes.


(Bobby) #2

There is a setting in the Smart Light app called Power Allowence. It turns the lights off after x minutes. It’s the last option on the list.

(sidjohn1) #3

the smart lighting app will also do this

(Rock) #4

I don’t see the power allowance option for the scenario above.

  1. Which lights do you want to control? Front Light
  2. What do you want to do? Turn On & Set Level
  3. Dimmer Level? 80%
  4. How do you want to trigger the action? Locked/Unlocked
  5. Which Locks? Front Door Lock
  6. Only During a certain time. Sunset and Sunrise

Those are the options I have running so far, but can’t see to find the power allowance option on the screen to turn it off after 5 minutes of it being triggered.

(Joe) #5

How do you trigger power allowance?

(Bobby) #6

Well, your original post had two different scenarios. First was turning off light after (sensor) action stops for x minutes. The second was turning off switches after x minutes (in general). For the first scenario you need to use a different app, as the Smart Light doesn’t allow delays for lock state triggers. For the second, the setting for “power allowence exeeds” is listed on the same page where you select your sensors (it’s last on the list).

Do this when that happens
(Bobby) #7

Power allowence is listed on the triggers page. Here are some screenshots

(Rock) #8

great, thanks! I really appreciate the help!

(Joe) #9

But where do you set the level of the allowance so the trigger fires?

(Bobby) #10

After you select the trigger, the section ‘After this number of minutes’ appears. See first screenshot above.

(Joe) #11

Sorry, I’m having problems explaining what I am asking. So when I read “Power allowance” I read this as a threshold. So if the lights have consumed more than 50 Wats, then turn it off after 15 minutes. In order for this to work, the device needs to report the amount of power used. Is this how that trigger works?

(Bobby) #12

No, but I agree that trigger name is misleading/confusing choice of words for what it currently does. Maybe they will expand on its functionality in the future, but for now “allowance” refers to timing, NOT power consumption.

(Bruce) #13

This is truly a stupid name. I’m pretty sure the only reason they named it that was because the name of the shortcut app that you could install from Lights & Switches was called that. But, you never saw that name in Lights & Switches as an option. It was just “Turn off after some minutes”, or “Turn off after some time”. Then you’d set it up, and voila, you had an app called “Light Power Allowance”, or something like that. Even that was stupid. ST should just call this what everyone thinks about it as, and what it actually does. @tslagle13, Help us out here, and point out to whoever made this decision how it’s going to confuse everybody, makes no sense whatsoever, etc.

(Bobby) #14

I agree, unless they plan on using it for other purposes in the future, like true power allowance exceeding X Watts?! Tagging @slagle as @tslagle13 is Tim’s old name tag…

(Tim Slagle) #15

The old app that did the same exact thing was called power allowance. It was named so for parity.

(Bruce) #16

Yes, it was named that AFTER it was installed. But when you went into Lights & Switches, the option was called “Turn off after some time”, or something very close to that. So the user never saw “Power Allowance” as a choice!


Anyone having issues with lights not turning back off? They are inconsistently sending an “off command” and often find lights on for hours until I manually turn them off. Mostly occurs with Aeon sensors, versus Fibraro, but the Aeon are outside, Fibraro are inside. I have read that if motion is detected during the “time out” period it causes issues. Thanks!!strong text

(Alex ) #18

Does anyone know of any smartapp or 3rd party code for ST’s zigbee smart outlet which would start that power allowance timer when wattage was greater than 0 (light has been turned on) and would then turn off the smart outlet 20 minutes after the light was turned on, or would be reset if it was turned off manually before the time frame?


So is there a way to make this scenario work?

  1. Trigger when presence detected
  2. Turn on the lights
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Turn off the lights

I only want to trigger this when the presence is detected. If I manually turn on the light I don’t want it to shut off after 10 minutes. Can that be done?

(Justn ) #20

interested in doing this for my front porch light.
When presence detected, turn light on for 10 minutes, then turn off.

I’ve set up a CoRE piston to try my hand at that app. Wondering if its overkill or there is a simpler method. I have tried Stringify but didn’t have any success, which is a shame because it seems like it was easy to set it up (unless I did it wrong)