How do I do a Factory Reset on a Monoprice (Vision) Motion and Contact sensor

How do I do a factory reset on a Monoprice (Vision) Motion and Contact sensor?

Monoprice told me to remove the battery???

You’re talking about two different devices? Or one? Model numbers?

The Monoprice door and window contact sensor doesn’t have any variable parameters that can be set so there is no factory reset. Just exclusion.

Monoprice PIR Motion sensor (10795) aka Vision ZP 3102 and Monoprice Door/Window sensor (10795) aka Vision ZD 2102.

OK, same thing, I don’t see any reset: just inclusion and exclusion. Why did you want to do a reset on them? Or did you mean you wanted to do an exclusion to get them ready to include to a new controller?

That makes sense; sort of. Still, to exclude you will need to set the controller in exclusion mode; a factory reset would not require a controller and would make sure the Home ID would be reset.

I am documenting, e.g. creating a cheat sheet, all my sensors on how to include/exclude/reset/wake them.

Actually, it’s the other way around for Z wave devices. A factory reset resets all of the variable parameters, but does not remove the stored controller information, so that the device remains on the same network. This is what allows you to change parameters without having to re-pair the device.The exclusion is what resets the controller ID.

so all Z wave devices, per standard, can be excluded. And the exclusion can be done as a general exclusion which means you don’t have to have the original controller, but you do have to have physical access to the device. The reset is optional for the manufacturer.

Hi, I have a ZD2102-5 door sensor but can’t find right device type, did you get it working ?

Sorry to revive a dead thread but I’m having a B of a time trying to unpair one of this contacts. I just paired it today but it’s stuck open even if I stick a magnet on both sides. I did the regular exclusion and the general exclusion with no luck.

Monoprice informed me that the device does not have a factory reset function. They recommended to exclude the device and then remove the battery for a few minutes.

You should be able to confirm the hub successfully includes the device. If it still does not work, go into the IDE environment and check the device log and go to debug environment to check the events occuring.

You may want to confirm which device driver has been assigned to the device. Sometimes the wrong device handler gets assigned. If it is not using the generic z-wave open/close sensor device driver, you may want to consider changing the device driver.

The monoprice uses a very straight forward imlementation of the z-wave protocal.

I think you should try factory reset routine as described in old manual for Vision ZD2102xx-5 (point 18.)

it works for other rebranded versions of this model (Schwaiger, Vision, Zipato)