Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Contact sensor $19.99 Free shipping NOW $16.99 for 11/6

Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Contact sensor $19.99 Free Shipping

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Work with SmartThings?

They should pair with the generic Z-wave DTH but this DTH should also work plus offer more features such as battery reporting:

Do you have any of these? If so, how quick are they? I ask as I have a Iris motion sensor turning on a light as you walk in a door but would rather use that elsewhere and if this was fast enough use it. The Iris sensors are quite fast.

I think you are thinking of a motion detector, this device on sale is an open/close contact sensor. You’re right about The Iris motion being very fast, I don’t think there’s anything else in its price range that is faster.

I meant does the contact sensor report very quickly. Ie is it fast enough that it can report to ST then ST to my lights within a second or two. Maybe with something like a contact sensor there isn’t lag issues like with a motion sensor. The iris motion sensor is my first sensor so just going off what I’ve heard others note about lag for other sensors. May not be relevant for other types.

Oh, I see. Personally I haven’t really noticed any significant lag with any of my contact sensors and I have several kinds from PEQ, SmartThings, GoControl, and Iris. This one for sale is Z-Wave Plus which uses a newer and better protocol. I think it’s better on battery and can go farther.

Give you my example - have 1on the garage door. When the door is open a foot or 2, the lights come on. Probably a second.

On one entry door it’s almost instant.

I have this sensor on the door leading into my garage. It turns on my garage lights within a second upon opening.

Thanks, I think I’ll be in for a few then.

Do you live in a cold climate? If so how do they do with the cold temps in the garage?

Saw the note about the extra discount and went to order. Realized their garage door sensor is also on sale and discount applies (but not free shipping). For the contact sensors I was going to get 3. 1 for the door to the garage and then 1 for each garage door. Anyone see a notable advantage of getting the garage door sensors instead of the contact sensor? I figured I am just checking for open/not open so the in motion of the garage door sensor probably isn’t so useful but wanted some other opinions.

Not sure if the garage sensor offers any advantage other than showing up as a garage sensor under your SmartThings devices. I have a Monoprice contact sensor mounted on my garage door similar to this: Insteon garage door open close sensor. - YouTube

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What made you install on a hinge vs putting one half on the door and another on the floor?

I wanted both pieces on the garage door. If half of it was on the floor, I’d probably knock it off eventually.

Can this be used with external switches?

Ok, count me in for 1 contact and 1 garage. Even though shipping on garage wasn’t free I think because contact was it was no charge.

Apparently they have them but they don’t work. Too bad, I was going to get a couple and turn them into water sensors

Everybody loves dummy lugs.

Just solder 2 wires. one at each end of the reed switch. It’s just a magnetic open/close switch. That’s a really good price for a smart switch.