How do I check my hub firmware version

I cannot find mybfirmware version in the Android app … where the heck is it?

Go to login and from the menu under developer tools click on “hub”

You can check for updates to your hub in the mobile app, but I don’t believe you can check the version outside of the IDE (in “My Hubs”). To check for updates, press the overflow icon (3 vertical dots), then the gear icon, then Home Hub > Update Hub.

Has this changed? I don’t see any of the above listed options in either the mobile app or on the site.

When I go to my Hub on the site above I get a lot of info, none of which is the firmware version.

Not seeing the gear icon when I click the overflow icon either.


OK, found the firmware version (Obvious newb is obvious).

But still not seeing where to force an update in either location.