Firmware Version shows as "null" on android after upgrade to 000.015.00003

Everything works ok it seems, and IDE show the right version.
Just to inform.

Are you in UK, by any chance?

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Yes I am, just wanted to inform in the mobile app since it seems to be an app error.

I’ve got this ‘NULL’ firmware issue in the app too.
Is it going to cause any problems and is there anything I need to do about it?
I hate it when things don’t work properly!

Got the same result on my ipad also.
Just a GUI bug I would belive.
Would not lose my night sleep.

Are you on the latest app version? If so, shoot a note over to

Latest version on both ipad and samsung s7
Sent email to support now.

Reply from support, worked for me:

  1. Log into the IDE via
  2. Click the Hubs tab on the top bar
  3. Scroll down and click into Hub utilities
  4. Under section ‘Hub Commands’ press the ‘Hub Disconnect’ button

Now check in the app after a minute or so, and it should read the correct firmware version.