How do I assign actions to minimote?

HI @Ron,

I agree that just giving a link to a search without any context or additional info doesn’t help.

I just added 3 of these and ordered 3 more, and I use a modified button controller app from @bravenel that I made into a parent/child SmartApp.

As @JDRoberts said, Button Controller will work perfectly for these, but if you have several like I do, you can’t give each instance of the app a separate name for some reason; hence my need to create what I did.

The Button Controller app is found in ST’s Marketplace

Bruce’s app can be found here:

My parent/child app can be found here:
(look for my-button-controller-child and my-button-controller-parent)

Here’s what it looks like in ST when a few minimotes and Iris buttons are set up: