Control a "Scene" (not a mode or related to a mode) with minimote

I have an AeonLabs 4 button minmote. I want to assign one of the buttons to activate a “scene” that turns on/off several devices in the room. I do not want to use Mode for this, because obviously this is modal, and I do not want to change the mode of the whole house for just that one room.

Minimote actions are limited to changing a single device or mode. Is there anyway to make some kind of virtual aggregate device in Smartthings that I can activate and turns on/off all those other devices?

You can use a work around by assigning the button controller to a virtual switch, and pair that virtual switch with other smartapps like “Big Button”. Depending on what you want to accomplish, this may work.

Could you describe in greater detail the scene you want to control?

I published a shared app that takes the big button app and allows it to trigger a hello home mode. Use a virtual switch to trigger this. That’s your beat bet right now… Or if you want I could maybe edit the button master code to run hello home modes. Not sure if it does this now or not.

Thanks for the ideas. Yeah these don’t work because I don’t want to trigger modes. I don’t want to change the whole mode of the house. Just create one action that triggers a bunch of switches/outlets.

So I can program one button on the minimote to run that “scene” and it would simultaneously turn on/off all those switches.

How do I create a virtual switch?

Ok I am stupid. The Button controller action allows you to pick multiple switches to assign to a button, so what I asked is totally not needed!

Dumb I missed this. Thanks for the help though.

Tim, I can’t find the shared app listed anywhere. Could you let me know what it is called? Thanks!

The way I do it is through Hello, Home “actions.” I have defined a set of different of actions through Hello, Home, that don’t change the mode and I programmed each button to individual “scenes.”

For example, this action in Hello, Home performs when I click the first button on my Minimote:

• Name: Movie Time
• Set dimmers in living room to 30% (using Hue bulbs)
• Turn on living room TV and receiver (using SmartPower Outlet)
• Turn off ceiling light in living room (using Hue bulb)

@mrJARichard In your example how would you change the hue lights from say normal white to dim and also turn blue? I am trying to do something similar but I can’t seem to set a mode or app that will fire when I use my Harmony Ultimate Home to Watch Movies and its after dark to trigger my smarthings to bring my lights from regular and bright to dark and blue. Thank you.

I use the separate ST Labs app to trigger these things based on mode, in my home, but there are many other methods of triggering.

I’ve had limited success, but the STLabs Hue app can react based on controller button presses – just doesn’t seem to be super granular. I’d need to play with that more. My house is currently based around a global mode setup that is controlled by the 4-button Aeon. I can see the need otherwise, however.