SmartApp for more than one AEON Minimote

I have installed a SmartApp to be used for the AEON Minimote. When I configure it it asks me which “Button Device” I want to use it with. I select the Minimote and do the configuration and everything works fine. But now when I want to configure a SECOND (and after that, a third) Minimote, it seems as iff the configuration of the app is not a separate “instance” but somehow now I’ve disconnected it from the first Minimote and moved it to the second one. This way I could never configure more than one Minimote. What am I doing wrong? Doesn’t the SmartApp I’m using essentially “instance” itself for each time it’s configured against a device?

Add multiple copies of the.smartapp


I have a second minimote coming and didn’t realize this would be an issue. How exactly to you run/add a second copy of smart lighting (want to make sure I keep everything local for the WAF)?

I’ve just done a search on here as I’m having the same issue - have you worked out how to address this? I already have both minimotes added to my ‘things’ - one has the Button Controller app associated to it - how do I associate a second instance of the app to the second controller?

You can add / install as many instances of Button Controller SmartApp to your SmartThings Location as you want. Just go back to the Marketplace to add more.

The official Button Controller SmartApp doesn’t allow you to change its label, but multiple instances are automatically permitted.

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