How do I add Nest Thermostat into ST?

I had the same problem. What fixed it is adding the device type manualy. Then when you made the devicetype add the device. Then when you did that change the devicetype source code with the code you really need it to be. Then open SmartThings app en then configure it.

This solved it for me…

Is anyone able to control the nest remotely through smart things with a third-party temperature sensor in a remote room like a master bedroom? I currently have a Honeywell with remote control for the master bedroom and I would like to keep that feature but really like the nest for remote control and present sensing?

Use Rule Machine to do advanced rules. I don’t use it for what you want, but I have a buddy that does.

Sorry I ended up going with the Ecobee3 and love it for the remote sensor and follow me features. Also works good with Smartthings and HomeKit as well.

Is there a simple step-by-step listing of this anywhere. I have already been granted developer access, but when I go here:, I still get “Sorry, you’re not authorized to view this page.”

Email let them know. I’ve had that issue before they had to fix it.

I just received my Smartthings Hub yesterday and have been trying to set up my two Nest thermostats. Thanks to everyone involved in putting together the code and answering the questions. I’ve now got everything set up almost perfect with one exception.

I have my Nests set up with slightly different temperature settings when they go into ‘Away’ mode. Using Pollster, the Thing on my Smartthings app will poll every 10 minutes and then recognize this as “not present” but it will not change the temperature settings to match my Nest’s “away” temps. Is this just a normal and understood limitation of the Smartthings implementation? Or have I missed something along the way?

It seems to recognize when I manually change my Nest temperature setting when “not” in Away mode but I guess the Away functionality handles things a bit differently. I can’t seem to make temperature changes using ST in the “Away” mode.

Note: My Nest is set to Auto Cool/Heat. Heat is set to 64, Cool is set to 80. When “Away”, it’s set to 60 and 82.

With Away mode it locks out the thermostat, so no temp changes can be made (defaults to the away options).

We just released a new smartApp Nest integration yesterday. No pollster needed. Should check it out:

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All - looking for some advice on a pet peevy issue I have…my nest thermostats show up in the family section of the st app because of the presence sensor capabilities we assign when setting up the device. Is there any reason (if I am not using presence for switching between home/away modes) that I can’t remove that capability so that it doesn’t show up? Just don’t want to mess up anything I am not thinking about when it comes to this functionality.


If you switch to Nest-Manager (see my post above) it supports that functionality.

Thanks I’ll check it out!


Just joined the site. Purchased the Smart Things hub and added a few things. I will be adding 2 Nest thermostats to the house. How do I integrate them into the Smart things app? I saws d an app. No idea how to download it.

Here is the main thread for Nest-Manager. THere are detailed instructions how to get it installed. It may feel like a lot of work, and is confusing, but once you figure out how to install custom smartApps/Device handlers it will open the doors to Smartthings.

Github location

I am now completely confused. What am I supposed to download, on my phone or lap top? Is this a separate app or do I open Smart things app, Nest App? Sorry but I don’t write or read code. I have a smart things hub in UK and want to run 2 Nest thermostats within the app to control the 2 zone heating and hot water.

Thanks, I was making the same mistake

How do you make sure pollster is running, I was able to add nest to ST but nothing happens if you change the temp from the bar and it is kinda greyed out and temp always show 74 no matter what

Forget Pollster. There are lots of threads on Nest that are out of date. There is a much better way to run Nest. Nest Manager handles all the communication between

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Does ST support both Nest 2nd and 3rd Generation Thermostats?

yes see:

Check it out: