Nest Integration - Using "dianoga", author: "Brian Steere" Template


I can’t seem to get this up and running, I install the Nest Thermostat template,
then i create a device, but can not find where to enter my Next credentials

V2 hub and latest iOS app

any assistance is appreciated

    1. Create a new device (
  • Name: Your Choice
  • Device Network Id: Your Choice
  • Type: Nest (should be the last option)
  • Location: Choose the correct location
  • Hub/Group: Leave blank
  • 4) Update device preferences
  • **Click on the new device to see the details.**
  • **Click the edit button next to Preferences**
  • **Fill in your information.**
  • **To find your serial number, login to Click on the thermostat**
  • **you want to control. Under settings, go to Technical Info. Your serial number is**
  • **the second item.**
    1. That’s it, you’re done.

thanks all.

I don’t get an area that has preferences where I can enter in my nest credentials

I know this should be easy but not happening for me

What step am I missing ?

i also dont see preferences? any one who has encountered this problem?

You don’t see the triple dots in the upper right hand corner of the device in the ST app?

i do, but when i click them, i dont see preferences as an option