How do I add Nest Thermostat into ST?

Thanks I’ll check it out!


Just joined the site. Purchased the Smart Things hub and added a few things. I will be adding 2 Nest thermostats to the house. How do I integrate them into the Smart things app? I saws d an app. No idea how to download it.

Here is the main thread for Nest-Manager. THere are detailed instructions how to get it installed. It may feel like a lot of work, and is confusing, but once you figure out how to install custom smartApps/Device handlers it will open the doors to Smartthings.

Github location

I am now completely confused. What am I supposed to download, on my phone or lap top? Is this a separate app or do I open Smart things app, Nest App? Sorry but I don’t write or read code. I have a smart things hub in UK and want to run 2 Nest thermostats within the app to control the 2 zone heating and hot water.

Thanks, I was making the same mistake

How do you make sure pollster is running, I was able to add nest to ST but nothing happens if you change the temp from the bar and it is kinda greyed out and temp always show 74 no matter what

Forget Pollster. There are lots of threads on Nest that are out of date. There is a much better way to run Nest. Nest Manager handles all the communication between

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Does ST support both Nest 2nd and 3rd Generation Thermostats?

yes see:

Check it out: