Hue Bridge Found but no bulbs

I have a Hue and my ST can see the bridge without any problem. But it never finds any bulbs. 2 of them are lux bulbs and 6 are GE Link bulbs. They are all connected to the Hue and work without any problem there, and even work with my Echo to allow for voice control of them. But I cant seem to connect ANY of the bulbs to the ST, even after letting it scan for 15 minutes (I have also tried moving the bulbs into the same room as the hub, which also has the hue bridge and my router.)

Anyone else have any luck with this seemingly simple task?

I would certainly open a support ticket.

Hue Lux bulbs are not yet supported, and I haven’t tested GE Link bulbs on the Hue Bridge with SmartThings. There may be a chance that they are not supported either.

Our Support team may be able to help you, but ultimately if you’re trying to connect unsupported bulbs you may be out of luck :frowning: .

A community member here may be able to chime in about unofficial Lux support or using the GE bulbs on a Hue bridge with SmartThings.

I was wondering if the fact that they were Lux made a difference. Hopefully someday I will be able to add them all so I can control them from any system. But for now what I did was take 2 of the GE Link bulbs and remove them from the Hue, I put them on ST only and set up a motion sensor so that they turn on when someone walks in the hallway. Not ideal yet, but i doubt anyone will really need them other then when they are walking through… so victory of a sort for now.

I have two lux in my hue/st setup, no issues when I added them, but that was 4 months ago…
I’m guessing that Lux bulbs isn’t the issue.

I have about 10 lux’s and even the new “go” working fine within ST. So I totally agree with @Mike_Maxwell that it is not the issue with the type of bulb. If you look at the hue connect app, it has proper code to identify lux versus hue.

It’s basically a bad integration, my friend.

PS: working fine shouldn’t be taken as a good integration. I mean the lux bulbs work as good or bad as the hues.

I have both Hue Lux and GE links on the Hue Bridge. I don’t have any problems with ST because of the device type. (I have problems with the ST/Hue integration, but not based on the bulb type.)

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Interesting. I just got both this weekend. so they should both be updated to the latest firmware. I’ve confirmed the hue bridge is, but not the ST yet… I’ll have to check that and perhaps do a whole system reboot.

I don’t have lux but 7 GE links and 6 hue bulbs with no problem from ST finding it. Did you leave ST running the scan long enough to detect all the bulbs? Only issue I am having right now is when using amazon echo to switch my lights. ST doesn’t update the status.

Edit : possible you bridge IP changed since the last time you added it before the bulb scan?

I have 2 Lux bulbs, and a bunch of the Cree bulbs all connected to my Hue hub (they are much more reliable than going direct to ST hub), and although it took about 6 minutes of blankly looking at my screen during the bulb discovery, they did eventually show up. when I say it took a while, it seemed like an eternity, so be patient.

So far I’ve been patient enough to wait for 15 minutes yesterday. Restarted everything (hue, ST, router, even my home server since it hosts the dns and dhcp servers, just in case). And waited again today for 10 minutes. found nothing each day. I think I’ll open a ticket since apparently nobody else seems to have issues with this part of the setup…

So ended up getting support from SmartThings, they pushed out an update and it found all the bulbs within seconds of trying again. So an issue with the SmartThings software somewhere along the line.

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