How Do I Add Additional Users To the App

I agree! Just installed my hub yesterday and realized that I couldn’t add my family. Not sure how this wasn’t a top priority for the ST team from day one, but it doesn’t make for a good experience for a new user.

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I thought for sure they’d fix it after the server update but still no luck. I’m pretty new to HA and can still pretty easily switch systems. If this doesn’t get resolved in the next week or so I’m likely going to have to switch to a competitor.

Me too…this should have been there P1 to fix. I hope ‘the new channels’ of distribution will put pressure on ST’s leadership to get their mess straightened out prior to giving them shelf space or a SKU.

I am getting the “this feature coming soon” message also when I try to add my wife’s phone as a mobile presence. Has anyone tried using the IFTTT app?

Getting same message and I am wondering if Samsung buying this was not a very good idea. They seem to design good products and then totally screw up when it comes to addressing the US market. This is a BASIC feature that has now gone on for months without a fix. Wink is going bankrupt but at least they fixed things.

IFTTT works for those with US accounts, but is “coming soon” for those with UK accounts.

Unless something changed again today.

Yeah. How can you have a security application if you can’t add more users?

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Any word on when we will be able to add users again?


does the presence feature work properly in this scenario?

Not sure what scenario you’re referring to, but my wife and I each have an S4. I installed Smartthings app with my account on both phones. Presence for both phones working as expected.

I works for the first Android device you log into (which was my Nexus 4) and the first iOS device you log into (which was her iP6).

If you log into another Android or iOS device after that it will not automatically create another presence sensor and can start causing you presence issues like it did for me (so I logged out the additional device).

What I haven’t tried is logging in another device and manually adding it as another presence sensor, that might work.

@Benji That is what I did for my wife’s phone, and it is working for us.Is she logged in as her own user? No. Is she listed in Smartthings > Family as another presence device? Yes.

Yep, the additional question was if you can log in additional Android and iOS devices and use them as presence ‘sensors’ as well and it turns out you can! I just did it, BUT you have to manually add each additional device as a presence sensor:

Ok, got it. Sorry, we only have the 2 phones, so I cannot test that.

Yeah! Apparently SmartThings got the add user feature working again and now both my wife and I have our own accounts now. We each have our iPhones working as Presence Devices. I had her set up before with a virtual presence switch triggered by IFTTT location services, but adding her as a SmartThings user seems to provide more reliable & accurate Presence (so far).

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Mine still isn’t working. Can anyone else confirm theirs is working? Both me and my wife are using Android.

Looking for a little guidance here - I invited my wife & she set up her own account. I appear as a family member on her iphone, but I don’t see her in my family. When I look at users, under my account, I see her email under Account Users, as active. i would expect that I’d see her under my family, like she see’s me under hers. Ideas?

Brand new here - sorry for Necro-ing an old thread. Is the invite expected to be working now? Sent my wife one to email address (from Android app) and it didn’t tell me ‘coming soon’ or anything, but she claims she didn’t get it. Asked her to check spam folder but in meantime thought I’d ask.

Can’t seem to find any way to verify email was sent via or app’s activity feed…does show her in the users list in my mobile app now as ‘Active’, but until I talk to her again after work not sure she’s been able to do anything for real.

Never mind. She finally got the invite after I removed her from users and tried again a couple times.

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