How could our Amazon Echo control a thermostat? My idea

My family and I (ok, mostly me) are using Alexa all the time now, especially by using groups defined in the Alexa app. This got me thinking, so I thought I’d throw this discussion out there to see what creative ideas our community can help me with, or at least confirm what I think is an idea.

I was headed down the path of creating an Alexa group called “Temperature” that would increment the thermostat(s) by 1 degree each time the phase was recognized by including the word "On’ for incrementing up and “Off” for down. The design I was thinking through would be linking a SmartApp to a virtual switch. That’s certainly doable, and a SmartApp could certainly set the current setpoint.

Based on some simple testing to tell Alexa to turn a switch on over and over again, it looks like a command is sent every time instead of checking to see if the switch is already on. That’s perfect, and what I want.

To me that sounds pretty straight forward. What do you folks think?

There are at least two community members who’ve already created thermostat controls by using virtual dimmers. That way you can set the dimmer to a particular percentage setting. And some using modes for their favorite set points. You should be able to find discussion of their projects in the forums.

@DarcRanger has been working on one for a month or two:

I think your way sounds fine, too. It just depends on what feels more natural to you. :sunglasses:


Thanks @JDRoberts, I like that a lot better. I completely forgot about being able to tell Alexa to dim lights. I didn’t pay much attention to that thread when it came out, but I will now. Thanks for sharing!.

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