Controlling CT100 Fan Mode

I have the CT100 thermostat connected and working with Smartthings. I can use Alexa to change temperature.

I can change the Fan mode from Auto to On (continuous) in the Smartthings mobile app interface for the thermostat, but I can’t figure out how to control the fan mode via other triggers, such as time of day, or command to Alexa, or in a Routine.

It appears to have the “ThermostatFanMode” state which shows what mode it is in from but the fan mode does not appear in any options for creating Routines (the only option is to change temperature).

Any ideas?

Typically you won’t see much for controlling the fan unless you’ve written custom apps, like the one below (old, but maybe still works?)

What I’ve done is create virtual for each of my thermostats’ fans, and I use my own custom device handler for my thermostat where I define how ON/OFF controls the fan. I then use Smart Lighting to link the thermostat fan to the virtual switch for the fan. When the virtual switch is turned on, the thermostat fan turns on, and visa versa.

The nice part about this configuration is that the virtual switches are discoverable by Alexa, and then can be controlled. Also, these virtual switches can be used in any Routine or Scene.

Thanks so much! After some trial and error with the GitHub code and creating the Virtual Switch and tying it to the Fan control… it works!
And I installed ActionTile as well. Thanks for pointing me to that… I see that I’ll be putting up some panels!

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