Space Heater + Temp Sensor. Virtual Thermostat for Alexa?

We have a dumb space heater and a ST-connected temp sensor in our family room. And an Echo.

Is there a way to tie these together so that I can say, to Alexa…“set the family room thermostat to 74 degrees.”?

I see the virtual thermostat smart app from the marketplace, but that can’t be used as a device with Alexa. You’d need a virtual dimmer or thermostat that would let you dynamically set the a set point.

The virtual thermostat should work with Alexa, you need to enable it in the Alexa device. That said, unless you have a backup override thermostat on the heater (Mine has a knob numbered 1 through4) running it through SmartThings is rather risky.
You could probably set it up with “Ask Alexa” as well, or a virtual switch called “Heat in family room” and set the thermostat to a set point with that. (Use the level in the virtual lamp 0-100 to set the temperature.)

I can’t think of a way to actually add a thermostat to a dumb space heater to be able and say set heater to xx* . You can easily plug the heater into an appliance module named living room heat, and have Alexa turn it on/off. Granted it is early and I am only 1/2 way into my first cup of life, but the only way I can think of " setting a temperature" would be to make a rule for every possible temperature you might want.
Make a rule living room 74 degrees. When you told Alexa to turn on living room 74 degrees it would initiate that rule, which would heat up to 74* then turn off… You would need to have a separate one for each temperature.
The easier way would just pick a temperature and set the heater to that temp. Then just turn it on/off with an appliance outlet as needed.

Creating a rule for each temp crossed my mind. Really you’re talking about 5-10 degree swing for actual requests so 10 rules (I think it’s probably closer to 5 anyway) isn’t too bad.

My thought was create a virtual dimmer and pipe the set point of the dimmer into the set point of a virtual thermostat using a rule of some sort.

Set the dimmer to 75, that becomes the new set point of the virtual thermostat.

Assuming this approach would require a new device handler for the thermostat.

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I think the work @DarcRanger did in this thread could be a good launching point.

Hey @ultrazero - did you ever find anything for this? I just had the same idea, because we’ve got guests visiting for the holidays, and the guest bedroom just is always colder than the rest of the 2nd floor. So to make visiting family members comfortable, I have to turn our thermostat up and cook ourselves in our bedroom.

I can get a temperature sensor into the guest room and a space heater on a smart switch which will turn on the heater if it’s below a certain temperature – but my problem is that I don’t want to ask my guests to have to log into the smartthings app to set their temperature setpoint. So I’m trying to find some sort of SmartThings virtual device I can find, where someone could say “Alexa, set thermostat to 72” and it’ll set that value.