How can i setup location modes in new smartthings app

There is a location info in old app and it can be change in routines but in new app i cant even see this information (which is probably in here (Smart home monitor (home )it says) and also i havent got option for create autonom for that in the other hand if the information is here (smart home monitor (HOME)) it isnt change if i change in old app basicly my question is this an information for location information other question is how can i cahnge or setup because if the locayion info is here it is not change in night but i havent got idea for away mode.And last question is im using both of them and i think these apps informations are separet like one of them say you are in home other say you in night but autonoms are same question is if the stiation is this which app is give a commad for made this or both of them is giving commad? is this a problem ? and if is this a problem if i unistall the app is this a solution?
I already thank you to all.