How can I set custom color sequence with ST using Fibaro RGBW controller

Hi all. sorry for the misplaced question… new to the forum.

I want to set a timed color combination using ST and Fibaro RGBW controller. Hoping to have different sequence for Thanksgiving (oranges) and Holloween and Xmas… How can I accomplish this?

It depends what you are looking to do.
Are you just looking to set a colour and leave it that way?
Are you looking to cycle a couple of colours?

I wrote a couple of apps a while ago which do various things to a set of leds around my front door.
I have it set as a deep blue until someone breaks a beam near the door then it becomes bright blue & white
With the right DTH ( a kind of device driver) and the right app you can do all sorts of things with these.
I have it setup for halloween (cycle between orange & purple) and christmas (red, white & green)

As Robin has said alread, webcore also will do anything you want it to do with all sorts of devices

Let us know exactly what you want to do and we might be able to help.

Thanks guys. An example of what I want to do: set 3 colors to cycle between them for 5 seconds each. Should be super easy… I just need to learn how.

I have fibaro rgbw controller and a string of leds…

Next progression after doing the simplest version above would be to set different times for each color 5 sec for color 1, 3 for 2, 10 for 3, etc…

I have an app that will cycle 4 colours with individual times for each
i.e. How long to stay on one colour before changing to the next in seconds

I use it with a particular DTH which one of the guys here created.
You are welcome to have a copy to play with if you want.
It uses just the standard colours and built-in sequences but I have another one using the same DTH which you can select custom colours
If you wanted to cycle custom colours you could combine the two… a good learning exercise.

Let me know and I’ll post them to my GitHub account and find the link to the new DTH for you.
The DTH gives you easier control and more features than the standard smartthings DTH.

That would be awesome. Please do post them!

Ok… The first thing you will need to use my apps is the brilliant DTH from ‘codersaur’

Once this is installed and assigned to your RGBW controller you can then install and try these couple of little apps I wrote:

Fibaro Colour Switch

Fibaro Colour/Program Cycle

Have a little play… this is all open source so you can create something by combining the two
(Please note headers though)
If you have any questions I’ll try to help

If you are not familiar with using custom code then have a look here:

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I really appreciate you helping me. I learned a lot tonight trying to get this done… I ran into a problem I could not get past… in installing the new DTH, I was able to get it installed, and assigned to the hardware, but could not get it to function. It simply ignores all commands given…

Sounds like the DTH is either not installed/configured correctly or not for your fibaro
If you go into the smartthings app and click on the device in ‘things’ do you see options to change colour or program?
If you do see them… do they work when you click them?

EDIT: I forgot to ask… are you using IOS or Android?

You might also want to look here:

This is the thread started by the DTH author - It lists some of the configuration settings for the Fibaro

Thank you for providing these smartapps. All is fine using one simulated switch, if I create a 2nd virtual switch to turn on a different set of colours, it either doesn’t respond or uses the same colours as the 1st switch.

Do I need to duplicate the smartapp?