How can I make my own wireless speakers

I currently have the 7 satellite speakers left over from my old Creative Labs Gigaworks S750 Surround sound system. the Amp on the subwoofer blows fuses like its getting paid to do so, but I want to re-purpose the speakers in to some wireless speakers that I could maybe one day get working with ST.

I imagine I would need a Pi or Shield for each speaker, but aside from that, I am not sure where to begin.

Has anyone attempted this (I cant be the first person with old speakers laying around who doesnt want to pay for something like Sonos).

You could do it with a pi and the vlc Smart App

Yes… As @mattjfrank mentioned, you can use a Pi and update it with this

You can use @geko VLC Thing Smartapp

If you are not quite the DYI type, I’d also recommend a new product by Beep. I’ve just put 3 in, and I’m pretty impressed with the system so far.

Basically an AirPlay/ChromeCast equivalent product that uses a very simple dial interface to play music across multiple speaker/zones. A cheaper Sonos whole home audio solution. Can’t compare 100% but it works.

As an FYI I haven’t played with the Android interface yet which is supposedly more developed, but on iDevices it works well. There is a limited HTTP interface as well for direct streaming and the product currently works with Pandora and Spotify as a direct streaming source.

I have the android source code and will be seeing if I can modify the current Sonos device type to work with these as well. No promises in that regard.

Regardless. Take a look here for more info

Ooo, those seem cool. I ordered one, but its on back order until march. Will have to play the waiting game i guess. Thanks for the info.

You can use any dlna adapter like WF-RADU and use the smartapp RELEASE Generic Media Renderer (DLNA Speakers). Cheap Sonos Alternative (Update V2)