Looking for new home stereo system

Hi, I moved into a new house and have my smart things set up, however, I’d like to have a stereo system that I can sync with my iTunes and set it up with speakers around the house, garage, and outside. Does anyone have a recommendation? I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money on it. Any advice would be appreciated! I’ve looked at Sonos/Bose but I’m getting more confused than have clarity.

You mentioned iTunes… if you have speakers hooked up to a Mac with iTunes on it, you might be able to use Obything by @Obycode.

There’s also Generic Media Renderer that has been popular in the community.

There was a lot of excitement over the new Chromecast Audio, but I haven’t seen much come of that with respect to SmartThings integration.

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Sonos if you can afford. Echo if you want to automate. So many other options in between in this community with a search or two.

If you go with iTunes and obything, you can get the old Airport Express ( http://amzn.to/1Lyvql2 ) for < $50 which has an audio out and allows you to setup wireless speakers which will all be in sync. This works really nicely, with or without SmartThings.

Thanks guys! What about if I want some sort of stereo that I can also get the radio on as well? Any suggestions?

Are you going to hardwire your speakers or wireless?

I would be willing to do either. I’m not the most tech savvy person around, but I would like one outside and in my garage so possibly wireless.

I use TuneIn on my Sonos, but Google Play Music more than anything. Way more new music on Play. Not all stations available on TuneIn, but 95% in my area, and all the ones I listen to…

Tunein has apps for most things, so take a look.

This is always a hard decision, I have had so many different music setups over the years. Still have my old Yamaha amp even, and various old speakers lying around.

I did a Yamaha receiver that has a lot of different features.
Yamaha RX-V679 - 7.2-channel home theater receiver with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and Apple® AirPlay®