Bluetooth Raspberry Pi Speaker Box idea

So I am very new to smart things (so forgive me if I posted in wrong category). So new, my V1 hub arrived the day before the V2 pre-order announcement. Note to self: Read the forums - and yes I ordered a V2 hub.

So I really love this system, and best of all the community. I have been installing new light switches and devices almost every day since I got the hub. Its quite the expensive hobby, but long overdue.

One thing I really want to do is to replace my simplisafe system, but am aware that this project may be something I only want to consider once V2 has some legs. In the meantime I was looking at what else I would need other than some new sensors etc. The big thing that is lacking in my opinion is a “speaker box” that plays a chime when a door opens, sensor fires, smoke detector detects smoke or whatever - just have it play something.

I know I can go buy a Sonos ($$$) and play files off the network or dropbox folder, but what I really want is a discrete speaker in my entryway. I found the following community discussions:

I am sure I could get what I needed from these, but… I think I have a better idea and wanted to get some feedback.

What I am thinking of is developing a server based on Raspberry that has a web interface to configure it and associated device type in smart things. This micro server can have audio files (or URL’s) uploaded to it via the web interface, and then smarthings can associate triggers to call based on its API. In addition, why not throw in a text to speech engine in there. The raspberry would then talk to a generic bluetooth speaker (maybe airplay, dlna down the road).

This way, we could have a box that can have audio actions triggered on request. And it would be fairly cheap to build and put together. (less than $50 i am estimating - including speaker).

Having an (almost) off the shelf solution customized for smart things seems to make sense to me. So here are my questions:

  1. Has this been done before?
  2. Do you think it even should be done?
  3. What features would you like to see?

I am an engineer by trade and think this is really not that much work. The result would be a software image for the Pi, and a device type for smartthings and some recommended speakers. Minimal configuration and set up time.

I reckon it would take me a few weeks of night time tinkering to get this out there.

Ok, go. Hit me with your thoughts and criticisms.

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The other link is:

I was limited to only one link in my first post :expressionless:

I don’t think that has been done exactly but it sounds like an interesting idea. I currently have 3 raspberry clients around my house for audio. I am using squeezbox, Logitech Media Server, and Airfoil to accomlish something similar. LMS for music, airfoil and vlc for notifications. I would be happy to work with you on something a bit more custom.

If you are just looking to do speaker based announcement/sounds, then you can probably get a dlna adaptor and speakers cheaper. Probably easier to configure too. But the rasPi solution would give your more options for more features in the future.

Sorry didn’t read your whole post. Yeah it will probably work. But you might want to just install a DLNA endpoint on the raspPi and use the existing DLNA smartapp. Then you can build on that going forward.

Ok, sorry for the delay in responding. I travel for my work, and that has kept me away too long.

So I have the basic software design done, and just have to work on some prototype testing of the different modules I plan on utilizing.

The basic design is to have a web page to set the output of different “alarm pins”, as well as a generic pin that can take in text or a URL to a file. These pins can be fired based on a combination of events in smart things by using the smart app tied to the device type.

The web page of the device will allow configuration of the “fixed” pins, tying to a file to be played (uploadable audio), or to speak some text that the user enters in the config page.

The generic pin takes in a parameter sent by the smart app which can include text or a URL.

I am adding the generic pin, as that will be easier to use by an inexperienced user and will allow some presets to be included in the smart app configuration. If you think this is redundant let me know.

Anyway, the engine will just basically add a task to the queue of things to be output via the built in audio jack or a bluetooth speaker.

First of all I am using the audio jack. Tackle bluetooth later.

Does anyone have a ton of experience working on writing smart apps / device types? I am sure I can figure it out but a helpful hand is always good…

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