USB/Bluetooth speaker

Ok, so I do not have any of the expensive smart speakers, except for a couple of Amazon echo’s.

But I do have the nice little USB/Bluetooth speaker. It can accept audio from USB, Bluetooth, and an audio jack.

I also have this great ST hub v2 that has these “as of yet” not working USB plugs.

I would like to use the speaker to tell me when a door opens, or when a mode changes, or just that I’m awesome when I come home.

I know there are some apps available that push tts to the other smart speakers.

Has anyone come up with a way to push tts out of the USB ports to a connected speaker?

The Hub V2 USB ports are completely inaccessible to us at this time. As always, any vague promises a time frames as to the features of these ports and when those will be accessible are not trustworthy.

I believe it is highly unlikely the hub will ever be opened to “hackers” to bypass slow feature rollout.

You can communicate via the LAN to a DLNA rendering device (VLC, various Android apps, etc.) which in turn connects to Bluetooth speakers…

You can use VLC Thing which uses VLC and needs to run on a computer 24/7 (windows/mac/pi), you can then connect bluetooth or wifi speakers to that computer to hear the audio. The next step is to install Notify with Sonos SmartThings Smart Apps to play your message. Chime, Words, Music, Etc. You select what you want to hear and the player you want to hear it on (vlc thing) and you then get audio notifications from ST on events. I use them for arrivals, mode changes, motions etc.

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