How can I create multiple modes for use with my Arlo cameras?

I am new, so go easy. I have had my Arlo Pro (5 camera system) for a couple months now and love it. The default modes I never use, I have 4 custom modes that cover pretty much all my needs. I got the SmartThings hub and a couple lights so I can use my Arlo to trigger my outside lights.

But for the life of my I cannot figure out ST’s Home Solutions. Does anyone know of a good guide? Are there really only 3 modes you can set? Armed (away), Armed (home) and Disarmed? That won’t cut it. Also I hear there is significant lag when recording to ST’s vs Arlo. So maybe I should just not bother with it.?

For now I am using the Arlo app to control my camera’s and luckily I can still have the motion sensor’s from my Arlo trigger lights, (phew).

Also if anyone has some thought on how I can use OK google to set custom modes, sometimes I just want to just go check the mail, let the dog out or something and would rather use voice to set a custom mode (disable one camera) rather than grabbing my phone and doing it. Anyway’s thanks!



Those are Smart Home Monitor states and more can’t be added. However , there are separate modes. By default the system comes with home, away, and night, but you can add others. Modes are used to describe the current condition of your house and can be used independently of Smart Home Monitor states.

Thanks for the reply.

Where are these “Modes”? I don’t see anyplace to add a mode.

This should help :sunglasses: .( this is a clickable link)

After you read that and you understand the difference, read the following and it will explain how you can add new modes

And after you’ve created your new modes, you will need one more step in order to be able to use them with echo or Google Home:


Thanks so much! Working on it now.

Feeling lost here, I created a few Modes… and I am not really following this… I can’t find where to tell the mode I created what to do. For instance, I created a mode called “dog out” I want t this to turn off my cameras in the back, camera’s 3,4, and 5, with cameras 1 and 2 in front, to record with push notification when motion is detected. I don’t see anywhere I can tell my camera’s what to do unless I use Smart Home Monitor where I only have the 3 options to choose from.

Basically, Modes are changed by routines and custom rules not the other way around. You may not have needed to create the modes, but instead, create custom routines.

The only mode that I have ever created is one called Waiting for Mail. When I am home waiting for a delivery I use a custom routine named the same thing to set this mode and only set certain outside Arlo cameras to the standby state. Using custom rules whenever certain outside motion sensors or cameras detect motion, I get notifications and turn on an inside light. The camera/cameras start to record video. If the person steps onto my porch, another motion sensor on the ceiling of the porch notifies with a custom message, “Delivery.” After enough time has passed that I am sure the video has completed recording, I press the Good Morning routine which disarms everything, turns off the lights and returns the camera to the disabled state.

A Mode cannot run a routine and I don’t think it can run a custom rule, but a routine and a custom rule can change the mode.

Clear as mud?


Still lost…
Ok… So I have 3 scenario’s. If someone wouldn’t mind walking me through how to set up one, I should be able to figure the rest out.

1st scenario Dog out(when I let the dog out): 3 camera’s in the back yard, turned off motion sensor. 2 camera’s in the front, motion detection on & push notification, if either camera in the front detects motion, record on both for one minute.

2nd scenario Armed
3 camera’s in back motion on & push notification, if motion on any is detected, record all 3 for 1 minute. 2 camera’s in the front, motion detection on & push notification, if either camera in the front detects motion, record on both for one minute.

3rd scenario Armed, No notification
3 camera’s in back motion on without push notification, if motion on any is detected, record all 3 for 1 minute. 2 camera’s in the front, motion detection on without push notification, if either camera in the front detects motion, record on both for one minute.

The main roadblock is that the only way I can figure out how to tell my camera’s to record is by creating scene and then “set smart home monitor to” which there are only 3 non customizable modes: armed (away), armed (home) and disarmed. Frustrating…

This is funny, as I am also posting messages to you on the Arlo community app. OK, let me study this for a few minutes, and I will try to walk you through this


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lol, yep… appreciate it

OK, lets start with the first scenario. Dog Out.
Log into your IDE, (which is the only place you can create a new Mode). Create a new mode and call it Dog Out Back.

When you have done that, let me know.


OK, done…

OK, Now go back into your app and create a routine called Dog Outside.


Click the little gear next the new routine. On the next page where it says Turn on These Lights or Switches, Select the cameras you wish to record with. The purpose of this is to take those cameras out of the disabled state and set them to the standby state to start recording when motion is detected.

Skip down to Set Smart Home Monitor To and select Disarmed.

Next Change the Mode to : and select the new mode Dog Out Back

Got to the top of the page and click on Save



I’m Sorry,
I see you wanted the back cameras turned off and the front cameras turned on. In that case, only select the two front cameras.


ok, so on my Dog Out routine, I got the two camera’s turned on in front with the 3 in back turned off. Disarmed and Mode set to Dog Out

At this point we want to create a Custom Rule

I am not sure what the front page of your Smartthings looks like as mine might be a little different since I have all my Routines on this page. At the top do you see a little Gear Icon. If so. click on it and you will go the Rules page.

A little note here:
The first one is security. This is the underlying app for SHM and you can further customize it here. Remember SHM’s only purpose is to set up when Intrusion Alerts are sent.

OK, Go down and click Custom and create a new Custom Rule.

Bear in mind you might have to do a little tweaking later and You may wish to rename things later but these names let me know where I am.


OK… I am there…