How are sunrise and sunset calculated?

How are sunrise and sunset calculated in the SmartLighting app. Are longitude and latitude taken into account?

I believe it takes it from where your geofence co-ordinates are set.
You can see this in your hubs ide under location.


Lat/Lon and date

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When the bright shiny thing in the sky comes up out of the ground… That’s sunrise…

When it goes back in the ground… Sunset…

Lol… Sorry couldn’t resist…


The problem is that my porch light is supposed to come on at sunset and it comes on while the bright shiny thing is still in the sky.


Have you checked the location for your hub? Like they said above?


When you set something to turn on at 5pm… Dues it come on at five? Or some other time?

Specific times are correct. And, the location is correct.

So we use a service to do this, but the basic principal is it takes the nearest zip code for the lat/lon and applies that sunrise/sunset for the account. Times should be +/- 2 minutes on average if not right on. Mine are usually right on.

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I think I have it fixed. The SmartLighting app was running twice. Once at the correct time for sunset and once about an hour before the correct time. I deleted the app and recreated it. It ran correctly last night. I have my fingers crossed.

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