Sunrise/Sunset triggers

New user with difficulties (hub V2) using the Sunrise/Sunset triggers for light control. Where does the Hub get this information? As it stands now it is inaccurate for my location near the Canadian border.

While creating a location on your new hub, you must have provided the info. Right?

Did you set your location correctly in the mobile app? It uses your hub location. Three dots… My location…from the dashboard.

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It appears my location is set correctly.

Your zip code may be slightly off but it works. In my case it doesn’t show the correct zip since I joined more than a year back. Grab the latitude/longitude from the IDE, drop it in Google Maps to see how off it is. All my sunset/sunrise events have been near perfect.

Thanks for your time and effort, but it appears I may be missing something fundamental as neither the Sunrise nor Sunset triggers function. The Light is turning on or off at a specified time, but ignores the Sunrise trigger. Thoughts?

Make sure you do put in a ticket. Sorry, couldn’t be of much help here…