Pool equipment

I am looking to put in a pool heater and would love for it to integrate with SmartThings. I Googled some z-wave devices  (www.smarthome.com/25109/Intermatic-PE653RC-MultiWave-Z-Wave-Wireless-Pool-Spa-Control-System/p.aspx), but does anyone know if this will work with SmartThings or have any other suggestions for something that might be even better.


I know they’ve said they’ve had success with with other Intermatic devices, so I’d say that’s promising.

I just got my SmartThings on Friday and took it over to my parents house to test it with the exact device linked to above (the Intermatic PE653RC MultiWave Z-Wave Wireless Pool/Spa Control System).

The SmartThings was able to control the intermatic device but it thought it was a simple ZWave switch.  It was able to turn the pool filter on and off but that was it.  There was no interface that allowed for setting up a program for the pool filter or set the temperature of the spa or pool.

The remote that came with their system allow them to set multiple schedules for turning on and off the pool filter, switch their system for pool over to spa and to set the temperature for both the pool and spa.

I’d be glad to provide any more information, especially if it would help get an interface setup to fully control the device.

Does anyone know if any features of Intermatic PE653RC work with smartthings now? Are there any apps for that?

I’m looking at the Jandy Aqualink. I think it looks good for a cloud to cloud integration. Just need to find a contact.

I have a the Jandy Aqualink… It controls everything on my pool. My variable speed pump, Heater, Lights and Saltwater Chlorine Generator. It is actually built by a company called iobridge: http://blog.iobridge.com/tag/remote-control/ . They do have an API set: http://connect.iobridge.com/api/ and Crestron seems to have been successful building integration: http://applicationmarket.crestron.com/jandy-iaqualink/

I would love Smartthings integration!

A start

I will be updating it soon.


Is this project still being worked on? The link above no longer works. Is the project dead or is link a victim of the board update?


You can find those broken links by removing the dashes from the last part of the broken url and searching the community for the words. In this case, enter “intermatic pe653 pool control system” in the search box and you will see Intermatic PE653 Pool Control System

Or, I think, just replace the http://build.smartthings… part of the path with http://community.smartthings.com/t/

I am interested in getting my spa setup with z-wave to control temperature. Keep us posted if you implement a good solution. I just started looking into this myself.

I’m considering using the PE653 for my pool. I looked through the device type created by @bigpunk6 and see that it’s essentially 5 on/off switches. Will this work in conjunction with electric valve actuators (so I can program certain valves to open or close to direct water to the hot tub, etc)? Thanks so much for the clarification. I want to be confident this is a good investment before making the leap.

I know its been awhile but did you ever end up getting the Jandy iAqualink? I am having one put in now, along with some other pool upgrades. I would love for it to talk to ST.

By the way, I am using your Fibaro RGBW app for my new lighted water falls. I tested them the other day and it works like a charm!

Can you post some video? Which falls did you get?

I installed the iAqualink, but have not had time to hack into it yet.

Once they get installed, this week or next, and I get the pool opened I will definitely post some video. I wired one up in my kitchen but had to take it all apart so that they could work with them outside.

I bought two 24" CMP Brilliant Wonders Waterfalls:

Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a link to the guys I bought them from.

Also, I would fully support your hacking of iaqualink :smiley: It is the one thing I really wished talked to ST…well with the exception of my hard wired security system.

i dont trust ST enough with pool equipment. iaqualink is amazing and works great though, so i manage everything via its app.

I have the iAqualink system installed in my pool. I would love to integrate it into ST just to monitor it and send me updates or warnings. We just installed a new waterfall/cave on our pool. Im looking for some sort of temperature monitor for the outlet of the pool heater. The iAqualink online has an air and one water sensor.

@Dlee did you ever find a solution for controlling the spa temp? For the second time since putting my pool in I left the spa & heater running overnight :tired_face:

I’d love a solution that allowed me to turn of the heater by running a routine.

No luck for me. My control panel is pretty old so any robust solutions were limited to none the last time I checked. The spa itself isn’t worth a major investment. So just keeping an eye out for new devices that might be available down the road.