Hoobs & Smartthings & Ring Alarm

I have SmartThings, Alexa, Ring Alarm system. If I setup Hoobs or Homebridge can I integrate SmartThings and Ring Alarm system via Hoobs or Homebridge or do I need to add Homekit as well.? Sorry if this is a dumb question but Ihave been searching all day and cant find a definitive answer. I want to be able to have SmartThings turn on one of my smart plugs based on Ring Alarm going off.


Hoobs works by integrating non-HomeKit devices into HomeKit. So you must be using HomeKit as well or it can’t do anything for you.

But for the use case you describe, can you be more specific about what you mean by “ring alarm going off“. Because it’s possible that you can do this just with an Alexa routine. (Not a smartthings routine.) you don’t even need to have an echo device, just an Amazon account and the free Alexa app.

JD, thank you, I mean when the alarm has been triggered or sounding. I have Alexa routines but you cant create them based on the Ring base station sounding or in a alarm state.

So what will cause the Base station to trigger? Specifically.

For example, if you have six ring sensors which are each capable of triggering the alarm you could create six Alexa routines, one for each sensor, so that routine would be triggered at the same time the base station was.

You can have a total of 99 routines.

I know it’s tedious to set it up, and it doesn’t run locally, but it may work for some situations.

I have thought about going that route but Alexa doesn’t have conditional routines. There would be no way to set this up so that the it would only happen when the alarm is in away or stay modes . I want to be able to turn on a smart plug that powers a loud external strobe and siren. I have this setup in Simple Commands but it is inconsistent. Simple Commands is great when it works but it usually doesn’t. The Ring alarm base station has a option to link their Smart lighting so that it turns on a light when the alarm is sounding. I’m thinking of getting Ring’s wired smart floodlight and wiring an outdoor siren to it so that it powers the siren when the light turns on.

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Good points!

Alexa does have the ability to limit a routine to specific days and times, and if you’re just turning on lights that may be enough for some people.

The other thing you can do is move the complex logic to the ST side. Have an Alexa routine that triggers from a Ring sensor and turns on a virtual ST switch.

Have that virtual switch coming on trigger the light coming on in ST, but only if all your other conditions are met.

But you would have to have another set of routines that turned on yet another set of virtual switches that were proxies for Ring armed state.

So it is doable, but clunky and cloud based.

I know turning on a light when the alarm is triggered is a frequently requested improvement for Ring: hopefully they will add it along with integration options in the future.

I guess that would work. Have a Alexa routine for each of Rings alarm states and a virtual switch in SmartThings and it would be able to determine what state the alarm is in, Disarmed, Stay or Away. And then have virtual switches for all my Ring sensors with Alexa routines. Interesting Idea, I may try it, thanks. I have another idea using Ring smart lighting in my alarm closet and a lux sensor. The alarm gets triggered, Ring turns on the light and the lux sensor triggers the siren. I may test this also.

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I actually like your lux sensor idea better because it should run locally and be more reliable, as well as being less complicated. :sunglasses: