Honeywell Z Wave Thermostat not cooling

(James) #1


I recently purchased a Smartthings Hub and Honeywell Z Wave Thermostat. I installed the thermostat first and the system works fine, heating/cooling and fan control all perfect. However when I connect to the hub with Z Wave the cooling function stops working, and when the system asks for cooling the thermostat just reads ‘wait’ instead of ‘cool’. Heating works fine. If I turn off the Z wave on the thermostat it works again. Has anyone else experienced this issue?


(April Wong) #2

Hi! I see that going on right now. Can you do me a favor though? please contact also to get this logged.


(mh) #3

Did you ever get this worked out? I am having the same issue.

(Mcvoss) #4

For whats its worth< I have 2 of the HW Zwave thermostats and they are working fine except one f them does not recognize the battery backup if we lose power.