Honeywell WiFi thermostat ST integration


I have a Honeywell RTH6500 wifi thermostat and I am able to fully control it from the Honeywell TCC phone app.

How do I set up ST integration for this device?

According to this statement on the ST compatible devices list I should be able to do this, but I don’t see how:
“All Honeywell 6000, 8000, and 9000 series thermostats supported in the Honeywell Total Comfort Connect app are compatible with SmartThings.”

Any assistance would be appreciated.


go to marketplace / things / thermostats. if your exact model isn’t listed find on that is close that what i did for mine. but the 6000 series one should work for you

Thanks for the help.
That worked!

Can you kindly get how can I do this for an Apple phone

The instructions posted above from lee berube worked for me on my iPhone from within the ST app.

The problem I have is what when i try to add the Honeywell Total Comfort app in Smarthings (new app) it just crashes. Is there any way to add it in the classic app?

Got to say that you are one of the lucky ones if you are able to set the Honeywell Thermostat units up in ST.

Honeywell / Resideo decided to split their product offering across 2x website for control.
1 site is for the US and other related regions of the world accessed by the website
The other site is for the other many many countries that use the Honeywell WiFi thermostats.

The problem is that you cant have an account on both websites, and it looks like the ST device driver is only programmed to access webhooks / API’s on the Non international website.

So for most of the developed world embracing ST and Honeywell, you are just plain out of luck.

Great product the Honeywell WiFi 9000 thermostat, just cant integrate it with ST if you are an international user.

I’m using 3 Honeywell RTH6500WF thermostats and I can see them in the classic app and also in ActionTiles.

Nice, and I am happy that it can be confirmed that your devices are working with ST

But is your primary Web connection / registration site


If (North America + other related locations, but not most of the International locations website.) then I would suspect your Honeywell device would work out of the box.

I believe it is