Tuxedo Touch sync w/ ST

(Phil) #1

I have a ST hub as a secondary controller to a Tuxedo Touch zwave controller. I have followed the directions on here for the integration and it worked fine. Only thing extra was renaming all the zwave device that imported to ST to their correct names. Shortly after the install / integration I tried to install a new zwave device to the tuxedo touch since it is the primary controller, and I was not able to register the new device with the ST since it was a secondary controller and noticed it did not sync.
I then removed my ST controller from the tuxedo to follow steps again to the integration and was unsuccessful. Since I was still in my 30 day trial period I ordered a new ST and tried integration and all worked great in closing the new zwave device.

Fast forward to a year today and I have added multiple new zwave devices.
Can someone walk me through the process of syncing or adding these new devices registered to the tux to the ST. I don’t want to end up with a broken process again and having to buy a new ST.

Also is there a way to register straight to the ST while paired to the tux as a secondary controller.