Honeywell Thermostat

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With the new API that allows local commands, I figured I would try my hand at getting my wifi thermostat from Honeywell hooked up with SmartThings, since I hadn’t seen it done before. Here is the code repo with my code: it is still rough around the edges. This said it seems to work well with my CT50 (firmware 1.04.84), but anything that follows the API that is in my code repo should work. The code currently doesn’t auto-discover and you have to put the IP in hex in the device network id, but it is certainly a start.



FYI to everyone: This also works with the Filtrete 3M-50 thermostat.

@dattas @chevyman142000 I am confused - is this for Radio Thermostat’s products (CT30/50/80) or for the Honeywell Wifi thermostats (RTH9580/RTH6580/RTH 9680)?

It should be for anything that uses Radio Thermostat’s Wi-Fi USNAP Module. Mine is a Honeywell Wifi Thermostat and it works fine.

Which Honeywell thermostat are you using?

@wackware or @dattas Any chance you can merge the better-thermostat code in with this? ( I really wish I knew how to code so that I could do that. I’m also wondering if the better-thermostat code with the battery level will work with the wifi connection vs the zwave connection?


Sorry @chevyman142000 , the wifi module does not have any APIs for battery level.

No problem! I figured it was worth checking. Do these report humidity? Also, is it possible for you to merge some of the code to get the buttons instead of sliders for setting the desired temps?


EDIT: I figured out how to grab the code from @wackware code and merge it into @dattas Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

If you are interested in the code, let me know and I can link it up.

EDIT: Looks like I need to work on it some more. The buttons are there, but don’t have it fully working yet. Will report back once I do.

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I am very confused. @dattas does this work for the Honeywell WiFi thermostat like RTH8580WF or the Radio Thermostat brand? Or does it work for both?

Jeff you finally got the wifi setup on the 3m-50!

Any chance you could give me detailed steps on how to get this working? I’m still using the old unreliable method.


I’d love to see the code changes you made so I can update my code repo and my own private copy.

I will definitely post a link to it once I get it working.

@jeremywhittaker Actually @dattas wrote this. I’m in the process of trying to merge his code in with some of @wackware’s code so that I don’t have to use those awful sliders.

I started on my own version tonight that connects to their Total Connect Comfort site. My thermostat, TH8320WF does not follow the same API as the RTH models, so my only option is to use the website.

As of now, I am able to log in, pull back data and populate some values. I am not yet able to set any values but that is just a matter of time. This device type should work for any thermostat that uses their service.

@ethomasii Using the TotalConnect website means that your code should also work with the RTH models, correct?

Yes as far as I am aware it should work for any thermostat that you can use on the TotalConnect website. It will be a few days before it works as I don’t have time today to implement posting back changes… But it is very close.

The local API seems more robust as I would not expect it to change and Honeywell could change their site at anytime although they haven’t for ages from what I can tell.

I have been using this below code for a while on my Raspberry PI written by Brad Goodman. It connects to the Honeywell Total Connect website and with it I’m able to query the current temp, set heat, cool, off, etc. I’m thinking this code may help someone integrate these commands into a Smarthings device type. I’ve tested this code with my Honeywell TH8320WF.

Here is the actual code:

That’s what I have based my code off of.

I was helping another user attempt to get this set up but it would never pull info using the refresh/poll commands. Anybody else have any issues or tips? Some general info:

Honeywell Wifi thermostat, model# RTH8580WF1007, signed up at Total Connect site to receive automatic firmware updates, using DHCP Reservation to set the IP to a static subnet address using a Linksys router ( -> C0A8011F:0050).

You have a Honeywell thermo, right @dattas?

i have the same issue…i have the honeywell wifi 9000 series thermostat though

@chevyman142000 have you been able to get your code up and running for the CT-50 thermostat using wifi? I have been trying to get thermostat controls up and running but have been having trouble. I thought I would try your code and see if that helped.