Honeywell Thermostat

I never did get it working with the buttons instead of the slider. I haven’t had time to look at it recently either. Sorry!

Have you tried my code at

It has been discussed on the forums here: Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat Compatibility

Hi, hello. I am interested in the Honeywell wifi thermostats. Am I reading here properly that the model TH8320WF does NOT follow the API published by Radio Thermostat Company of America while the “homeowner installed” models (those models which begin with RTH) do support that API? Is this true for all of the “contractor installed” models (the TH8320WF has been superseded)? And does this mean that the “contractor installed” models can only be controlled via the comfort connect website/apps over the internet rather than being able to restrict its communications to only to my local network? Basically, I much prefer the high level of control over my heat pump that the “contractor installed” models offer in their settings. But I do not want to have to rely on anything more than my local network to control things. I really do not want to have to rely upon a working internet connection. And I certainly am not interested in having Honeywell sharing my data/connectivity with my utility company as described here. So thanks to anyone who can help be figure this all out!