Honeywell Thermostat routine temp set point

I had to re-addmy honeywell thermostat today and when I try to update my routine for the heat/cool temperature it only allows me to set a number between 0-40 but I am in US and use Fahrenheit. When I migrated to from the webcore piton and created the routine a few weeks ago this was not an issue. Anyone have any idea’s on how to resolve?

I re-added two disconnected Honeywell T5 Lyric thermostats to ST yesterday (they had gotten disconnected from ST during some previous app release). The thermostats will not update in ST. The “History” only shows the installation and no communication after that. The temperatures DO update in the Honeywell Home (Resideo) app. Maybe even worse, the temps showing in the ST app ARE changing (updates are not getting logged), but the temperatures are not correct. The temperatures shown in history have not occurred in the past 24 hours.

The ST tech support guy had me log into the new web page that apparently will replace the Groovy IDE. What a pathetic piece of work that is. The temperature information included a thermostat bar graph going from ABSOLUTE ZERO -460F to +10,000F! I cannot imagine any programmer doing that poor work even in beta, much less it getting by any sort of code quality check and beta release

This whole ST migration fiasco has me seriously thinking about quitting ST and going to Hubitat.

The problem with the new Resido c2c integration is that it doesn’t update very often.

What I did was setup a SharpTools rule that refreshes the thermostat in ST evey 5 minutes. I have been using this for over a year and it solved my problem.

You can NOT do refresh with ST routines.

Thanks for the idea!