Honeywell Thermostat - Return to Program

I just got this thermostat set up and connected to my hub. I set up the “Keep Me Cozy” app to adjust the thermostat when I leave, but I was wondering if there was an app out there that would cancel the temporary hold when I came back to return the thermostat to the set schedule.

Is this possible, or am is it a thing where I just need to set a few instances of the “Keep Me Cozy” app so it runs the schedule and not the thermostat itself?

@melianguidry I don’t think you can based on the supported z-wave command classes available Honeywell lists for this device:

Is this for a Zwave or a WiFi Honeywell?

It’s the Zwave one.

I need more characters to hit 20 to make a post.

Sorry I’m no help with the Zwave model.

@Dave is there a device type out there for the WiFi Honeywell that includes “return to schedule” or “cancel temporary hold”? I’m using @jody.albritton version that interfaces with the Total Comfort API and it’s great; but returning to schedule would be great functionality.

I am working on holds and schedules with my device type. I have had a few issues with permanent holds myself. I will making some changes to the code over the weekend.

I think I have the solution for this but I need to test it a bit more. I just want to make sure I am on the same page as you. You have a schedule set through the honeywell site and you want to be able to adjust the temp via the st app, but then you want an easy way via ST to remove the hold. Is that correct? If so, that functionality will be in the next code release which should be on github by tomrorrow night.

Exactly! Both my thermostats typically work on a schedule programmed directly into them (Honeywell site can see and change the schedule); so the main use for ST is to make temp adjustments and it’d be great to cancel that temp hold if no longer necessary. I’d be happy to be a beta tester. And thank you for the great stuff!

From my experience, the Honeywell website can set temp or permanent holds and cancel them. It can’t change or cancel a vacation hold.

I believe I have a similar concern. My Honeywell Zwave thermostat has a schedule set on the thermostat, for simply sake, it turns up the heat in the day and turns it down at night… I have connected the thermostat with my Presence Sensor and it will turn down the thermostat when I leave the house and turn it back up when I return.

My concern is that when I return, the thermostat doesn’t fall back to the automatic schedule. So, the automatic turn down of the heat in the evening isn’t occuring. The thermostat remains at the setting called for in my Returning Home Smartthings settings.

Appreciate any suggestions.


@Badger51, what I ended up doing was setting ST to run “Good Night” at midnight, which triggers ST to go into the “Night” mode and part of my Night Mode is to adjust my thermostat. So technically, my Zwave thermostat is never on it’s schedule, but it uses ST to adjust it based on whether my phone is there and what time it is.

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@melianguidry Thanks, that sounds like it would solve my problem.

After looking at this for a week, I don’t think there is an easy way to do it. I have been able to determine if there is a hold and what kind of hold, but I have had no success in sending a cancel hold. I have not used the schedules on the thermostat either. Instead, I have multiple copies of the Keep Me Cozy II app running for different times and scenarios.

I have the Honeywell z-wave tstat, curious if someone might have run across this issue. Even while using ST’s ‘hello home’ settings, the tstat turns itself on at 6am back to a higher temp setting (eg 70) than I have set up anywhere. It overrides the settings established with my ST modes. Very hard to find any good info on this tstat other than the installer and basic user manuals, which don’t even describe the temp programming schedules (which may be the issue, I’m not even trying to use them). Any thoughts or suggestions?

Update on the Honeywell z-wave thermostat for those dealing with similar issues. I found that internal schedules were loaded which seem to be a default. Once I disabled the programming on the tstat, I was able to use only ST to control it based on presence and apps, manually, etc. Thankfully that stopped the strange and inconvenient operations of the furnace.

@jah, when you say that you disabled the programming, does that mean you just went in and deleted all the different periods while editing the schedule, or was there something else you did?

My honeywell is not a z wave, but that is what I did. I cleared all scheduling on the stat itself and do all the schedules with various apps on smart things.

How has the reliability been since turning the schedules over to SmartThings? I’ve been relying on the in thermostat schedules for so long (set it and forget it style), that I’m a little hesitant to turn it over to a cloud based system, especially not sure I can get WAF buy-in on it.

99.99% of my problems have been honeywell related. I use the wifi stat and without official support, when they make a change I have to fix the code. I have not had any issues with the thermostat not firing when it was supposed to. Keep me cozy just sets bounds for the heat point and set point. There have been a few times where it delayed going into the away settings but none that I can think of where it kept on running as normal.

As for the WAF, With keep me cozy doing the heavy lifting you don’t have to redo all of your schedules if your partner decides it should be one degree cooler at 4:00 pm everyday. You just change it once. It’s painless.