Thermostat schedule hold/resume & run time

My search has been fruitless.
Is there an app that will put a temp hold/resume schedule button?

I have 2 Honeywell 8230??? A wave thermostats.

Can you explain what exactly are you looking for?

Currently I’m using the Honeywell 8320 zwave thermostat, the a wave device type along with the thermostat app from @DarcRanger

With a programmable thermostat, once programmed to a schedule, if you change the temp it gives you the option to select perm hold on the schedule, resume schedule, or temp hold until next schedule change.

I would like to see those options in an app. So if I lower the temp I can either have it stay that way until I’m ready to change it back, or the option to have it change at the scheduled time.

I almost forgot about this too…

One of my old thermostats had an option where I could see how many hours my system had run in a 24 hour period.

Would this be something that is possible?

I’ve seen the app, better thermostat v?, and it has a changing text line that gives the current status of the fan and the system.

I’m thinking of a simply timer based on that code?

What you need is probably the Ecobee3 and @yvesracine’s device type and all his SmartApps. And of course donate! And for once I am not “enabling”. :slight_smile: You have the dough from what you saved from Lowes and HD gift card.

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Yeah, I’m not buying the ecobee…

But, a right Judy occurred to me. A timer in the app would not be very accurate because of the multi-core house and having two thermostats…

But, one of this energy sensors would work great!

It has a web interface with HomeIQ. And you get tons of data in there including all fancy reports, charts etc. Cannot post an image here being at work. Pretty much anything you mentioned is readily available. Mine is hooked to AC only. If I had the dough, i would switch my two heating thermostats as well. One day! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m reading about this online and all of the articles give the tone this is something new and awesome. I had it in a dumb thermostat ten years ago.

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