Honeywell thermostat not showing in smartapps

So I bought a new Honeywell TCC wifi thermostat (RTH9585WF1004) which shows under the works with Smarthings page. While I can control it from Smarthings, the thermostat does not show up as a valid thermostat for any smart apps. It will show as a valid Temp sensor though.

I have tried it with thermostat mode director, keep me cozy, and the third party thermostat manager smartapps. Only my upstairs thermostat shows up.

Also, why does this thermostat only show “connected” on the Smarthings home screen, and not the temperature. Did I make a mistake buying this thermostat? Or am I missing something.

I have tried a few different handlers as well, nothing seems to change.

On a maybe related note: I have my Google home using the this thermostat from the Smarthings API (instead of connecting it directly to google home) and sometimes I can control the thermostat from google home, other times it just shows a blank thermostat with no Control.

Newer thermostats like wifi thermostat use a different set of capabilities to connect with SmartThings and the SmartApps must be specifically written to work with them. Here are examples of two thermostat apps which has support for wifi thermostats

For what I was able to read on other post it looks like there is a known issue with the thermostat controls on the ST app that happened with the recent update. I also have a Honeywell thermostat (RTH6580WF), which was working perfectly fine prior to the last update. Could you please be so kind as to let us know what is the status on this issue?

The issue was specific to heating only thermostats where the setpoint controls went missing. It was resolved earlier this week and the controls are back. If you don’t see them exclude and pair your thermostats again.

I actually had to delete the existing one and reinstall it and now the controls came back.
Thanks for your prompt reply, I truly appreciate it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God willing it will be better than this year :wink:

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Everything still broke, half the time I have to completely remove and install the thermostat to get it to work. It still does not show up as a valid thermostat in any smart app. The automations I created as a workaround to apps not working also only fire some of the time.

There have been a lot of server issues on Honeywells side the last few weeks. Worked great up until those issues started and seems to be working fine the last few days

Honeywell has frequent issues. I dealt with it even before moving to Smart things. In fact, I just had to re-log in in under linked services to reconnect. It is a frequent issue an makes me wonder if Honeywell/Resideo is ready to play in this space. I will not look to them for my next thermostat.

I am having the same issue with both Honeywell TCC and Honeywell Home thermostats just showing “connected” . They are working correctly on their apps but have changed on the ST app. Seems to have changed back in OCT/NOV as they were working correctly for years before that. Did not notice till I added a new Honeywell thermostat to ST and had some displaying the temperature and some did not. re-added all the thermostats and the same issue happened to my existing stats that I had from before.
Have called ST support (January 5, 2021) and started a support ticket but it has been over a month now and they say they are still working on it. I do have a few Mysa stats added to ST as well and they are working correctly since they have been installed. I am going to try the Honeywell Resideo tech support to see if they can help.

Unfortunately, this is just the way the new DTH for wifi connected thermostats work…they no longer show the temp on the tile. Sorry, there’s no way around this, just the way it is

Really? My Lyric T5 still works and shows the temp on the tile. What’s the difference between the two?

I believe the 2 use different systems and servers as well as 2 completely Honeywell apps meaning they probably are using a different cloud DTH as well

If you use the Honeywell Lyric (Connect) integration it shows the temperature on the tile, gives you an option to make temperature holds Temporary or Permanent, and seems to work better. This integration came over from the Classic App.
The Honeywell Home integration (current v3 integration) shows “Connect” on the tile instead of temperature, does NOT give you an option to make temperature holds Temporary or Permanent, and does NOT always let you change the temperature.
I have both integrations for the same thermostat.

Update: In the Honeywell Home integration I can only change the heating temperature if I first adjust the cooling temperature. Who knows why.

Because the thermostat has a 3 degree differential between heat and cool. For instance, if the heat is set to 72 and the cool is set to 75, the heat setpoint will not be accepted by the thermostat if set to 73…until the cool is set to 76 which is the 3 degree spread

No, that’s not the problem.
I have a 5 degree differental between heat and cool, but I can not decrease the heat setting which would increase the differental to 6 degrees without 1st adjusting the cooling setting.
Some quirk with the heat setting in the new integration.

Maybe try deleting and re-adding…definitely sounds like an issue as mine works perfectly changing from outside the differential (well, I should say works perfectly when Honeywell’s f’ing servers aren’t down)

I have added and deleted it several times over the past few months to see if the issue has been resolved, and it’s always the the same.
That is why I have not deleted the old integration.

Just curious, how is it youre able to keep the old and the new integration?

I have a T5 Wi-Fi thermostat.
I never deleted to old integration (Honeywell Lytic Connect) and I ran add device “Honeywell Home” in the new app and ended up with both integrations. If I look in Linked Services in ST I see both integrations listed. And I have 2 thermostats tile in SmartThings.
When I go in the in the Honeywell Home App, Connected Services tab, I see SmartThings listed twice.

I haven’t been able to get my honeywell wifi 9000 thermostat working for months now using the native integration between Smartthings and TCC.
I do wonder if it’s related to the fact that every time I create it the device type in the IDE says “placeholder”, and the end part of the network id says :undefined.

Support has tried helping but I’m completely at a dead end.