Honeywell smart App

Does anybody know how I can get the Honeywell TCC Connect smartapp over to my new SmartThings app? Right now it’s just showing in the classic app. See screenshots below. It shows up in my classic app, but not the new app.

The thermostat still works and I can control it in the new app, but if I ever have to re-enter my credentials I was doing it through the Honeywell TCC connect smartapp. I don’t see that option the new app. @oldcomputerwiz

Open the menu in the new app and select the gear icon in the top right:

Now select connected services

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I love easy fixes. Thank you.

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About three days ago, I changed my password on the Honeywell website. So I thought I would have to go into SmartThings and renew my API key/or integration. But everything seems to be still working without me doing that.