SOLVED: Honeywell T6 Pro Thermostat automations


I have 4 Honeywell thermostats across 2 homes. 2 of them are T6 Pro Thermostats model TH6220WF (Wifi), the other two are old Honeywell TCC 6000 (Wifi). These are in 2 different rental homes 5 hours away from my primary home. I use the Residio app on my iPhone to change the temperature remotely and it is integrated through Honeywell home for the T6 Pros and Honeywell TCC for the 6000’s into Smartthings.

I wanted to set temperature limits on renters, so they couldn’t set the AC below 70 degrees and above 78 degrees for heat.

Problem: I’ve struggled for quite some time now being able to change the temperate to 70 (cooling) or 78 (heating) when renters exceed those limits. I migrated recently from WebCore to
to try to solve the problem. I learned of the refresh command to force a connection refresh back to the Honeywell thermostats, but I still could not get the T6 Pros to take the command executed by Smartthings or, but it worked fine for the TCC6000 thermostats.

Solution: I changed the schedule setting in the Residio App on one of the T6 Pro thermostats, and voila it all works now. I change the schedule from “NO SCHEDULE” to creating a schedule for 'Wake" at 600AM from 78 to 70 degrees. Then I turned the schedule OFF. The key is to have a schedule, but turn it OFF. I did that for both T6 thermostats and all day I’ve tested it many times and it works. I tested setting the heat >80 degrees and cooling <70 degrees and it works. I also now can change the temperature in smartthings and it responds in the Residio app.

The catch is using the refresh command in every 5 minutes or so, to refresh and execute any commands.

I was so elated that I solved it, I figured I couldn’t be the only person with the issue.

Good luck!