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Honeywell EvoHome support coming?

I have Beta access but it’s picked up a second single zone thermostat I have in a second location- not the primary 12 zone one. Have fed this back, but does anyone know if I can tweak the device ID in API to the MAC/ CRC of the other Evohome controller?

Did you end up getting access to the thread? I am also a beta tester but cannot find the thread anywhere :frowning: Although my observations are similar to others reporting in this thread, I did manage to write a small piece of code that would lower the set temperature to 5 degrees if no one was in the room for 15 minutes. After movement it then restored the set temperature to the initial value (not ideal)

No, never got details- suspect we may have come in too late in the Beta. Your app sounds good, one thing I wanted to do was change temperatures based on presence/ motion. I can’t even see my Evohome rooms in ST yet!

Has anyone been added to the beta recently? Support sent my details across some time ago but I never got a response, I just assumed the beta had closed.
Assuming it is is there any timescale on an open release?

If you want access to the beta thread, just email UK support. They’ll give you access.

Right, I’ve given up waiting for the official Evohome app to be released and have decided to release my own unofficial version.

I’ve created a new thread for it here: [RELEASE] Honeywell Evohome Integration


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SmartThings is happy to say that we’ve released our Honeywell evohome integration via the Marketplace in the SmartThings app! We apologise for the lengthy wait for this integration. This was due to OAuth stability issues that would cause occasional disconnects, forcing a manual re-authorisation. Honeywell has recently made improvements to their API to correct for this. Please contact SmartThings support if you notice any issues with the Honeywell evohome integration


That’s awesome news!

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I can confirm that I had no problems whatsoever to connect my Honeywell Round Connected thermostat to SmartThings, so it is not only the EvoHome but also the cheaper Round Connected thermostat that works!

@Joe-UK I have the official app installed and see my 4 zones, how do I assign those Honeywell zones to Smarthings rooms?

thanks, Iain.

Do you mean this?

Its a pity you need the RFG100 with the round thermostat as wifi is now built into the normal evohome controller, the price difference isn’t that big anymore.

So for someone in the market to get a smart thermostat would you guys recommend this one?

That depends on your requirements. The key advantage of the Honeywell Evohome system is that is supports multiple heating zones and individual radiator valves. When I looked at Nest, Tado, Hive etc, they only supported one heating zone, which is a major flaw in my opinion, as most of your energy savings will come from being able to control rooms independently and avoid heating the rooms you don’t use at particular times. The disadvantage of Honeywell Evohome is that is more expensive as you have to buy all the valves.


I would guess most European homes are fitted with manual or thermostatic radiator valves, and therefore equipped with a single thermostat in the house.

If you have a single thermostat setup and do not want the expense of changing all your valves with intelligent ones, the simple Honeywell Round Connect might be a good option to consider.

No, you won´t get the maximum savings from this setup, but the initial expense is not horrible either.

Hi Everyone,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We released integrations for a handful of Honeywell thermostats in North America today. The UK Honeywell evohome release was incidentally included. We are going to pull it while we put on some finishing touches, but know we are hard at work and it is coming soon.


@Aaron Will the version I installed last night still work?
A pain if not as I deleted all the setup from the alternative to install this.

Clarification: existing installs should continue to operate. However, support will be extremely limited as this was a premature release.

thank you. so essentially I could go either way. I’m pretty keen to use keen smart vents. Which would remove the need for zones, but then I may get into trouble with shutting of too many vents and cause issues with my central ducted gas/air cond.

BUT i can set it so only one or two are closed - as my house isn’t that big.

Played around a bit with this new integration this evening. Works mostly correct for two of my thermostats but I can’t add the third one. It has a bit less capabilities then the others and it seems it’s looking for capabilties this one doesn’t have and throws a java error.
java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘allowedModes’ on null object @ line 491

Bummer was hoping to move away from the community written version.

Also noticed the resume schedule doesn’t seem to want to cancel my holds - it just seems to do nothing. Will have to look into that later

**released I totally put this in the wrong post as I am a US user.

@Aaron any chance you want to chat about what I am seeing and see if I am stuck with the one thermostat?


Admittedly I haven’t checked out the ‘released’ version yet - but if it’s anything like the Beta version - it’s pretty useless compared to @zcapr17 version.

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