ST-compatible "Hub" or bridge for existing hardwired security sensors?

Does anyone know of a device that would accept input from hard-wired open/close sensors and relay those over z-wave or zigbee to the ST hub?

My house is already wired, but I no longer subscribe to the monitoring service. So I’ve currently got all these wires from the sensors coming into one place, and would love to be able to just re-terminate those wires into a ST-compatible device to get a readout of their status and/or trigger actions based on their output.

Seems like something like this should exist, given how many pre-wired homes are out there. Any ideas?

Lots of info in this thread:


This is probably not what you want but this was what I did as an alternative. I thought about incorporating my security system into ST but with all the downtime issues ST has been having I decided against it. Instead I installed an Envisalink 3 module in my alarm panel ($86). You need to connect it to your network. All my family have an app on our phones, we all have androids, that allows us to arm/disarm and get alerted if the alarm goes off. I’m glad I did it this way for several reasons.
I also have it set up that if the module loses network connectivity I get an alert.

There is no off-the-shelf solution, but you can build something with arduino. The trick is you have to monitor for voltage changes, not simple open/closed contact.

Depending on what panel you have, you might be able to integrate that. There are lots of threads on that topic on this board, but they all require some hacking and a few pieces of hardware.

If you have only 1 or 2 open/close sensor(s) you want to “bridge” to ST, you could use the Z-wave FIBARO DOOR / WINDOW SENSOR FGK-101 which supports one such (shorted / open) contact.
But if you have multiple contacts, that would be very expensive (about $50 per contact), so if you can handle it, going the Arduino path would likely give you the most competitive price/function ratio.