Homeseer HS-WD100+/WS100+ and HS-WD200+/WS200+ DTH for New ST App

I have tried to find a thread that answers this and I just have not found the answer I looking for, so sorry if it has been answered already. The switches/dimmers/companions I have all seem to all function for turning on/off from the application, but will there be any updates for the new application, as the multi-tap functions are not shown in the switch GUI.

I guess I actually have a few questions, as in order to use the Multi-Tap I use ABC SmartApp to program the Switches.

  1. Will the new ST App need a SmartApp like Advanced Button Controller or one like it to assign the Multi-Tap functions?
  2. Is there a new DTH for any of these Switches, one that I just did not find yet, that did update the switches GUI in the new ST App?

I’m currently using Darwin’s v1.07 (Dimmer) and v1.03 (Switch) as the DTH for my switches.

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