Newbie question about the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ switches and automating the double-tap/triple-tap feature

Hi! Newbie question here on the HomeSeer HS-WD100+ switches (maybe).

I’m redoing my kitchen with a combination of 1x HomeSeer HS-WD100+ and 2x HomeSeer HS-WA100+ companion switches (which will be at a different entrance locations) for my overhead LED lights.

I would like to have the double-tap feature also turn on a separate GE Z-Wave switch I already own which will control my under-cabinet lighting. Is this possible and hence would be controlled by SmartThings (meaning I could choose any switch I wanted to turn on with the double-tap) or do I need a specific type of switch to perform this operation?

Thanks for the help!
-Erik Y.

The double taps sends a code to the hub. You can have a smart app running which receives that code and then does anything else at all that SmartThings can do, including turning on a completely different switch at that point. So you would be fine with the use case you described.

Wonderful, thanks for the information!

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