Homeseer WD-200+/WS-200+/WD-100 Issues :: Is it just me, or is it the new app?


I took @orangebucket’s advice and switched to the DTHs from @krlaframboise : HS-WD200 and HS-WS200.

:white_check_mark: LED color settings work (on the Wx200 switches)
:white_check_mark: Automations with multi-tap work
:white_check_mark: SmartLighting no longer needed (for my use case)
:white_check_mark: The Wx200 handlers appear to work just fine for older Wx100 switches

Seems like a winner…


I’m using DarwinsDen DTHs for both switch types and I’m wondering if everyone is having the same experience since moving to the new app - or if I am missing something obvious:

  • Multi-tap switch tiles are gone from the device screen in the new app . You can no longer initiate multi-taps from the app’s device screen (though multi-tapping the switch itself works fine)

  • The LED color/etc. settings for the newer switches do nothing at all. The settings are there and saved, but have no effect on LED colors/etc.

  • With Automations to run Scenes, “Toggle Up/Down n Times” as a condition never triggers the automation.

  • Smart Lighting Smart App works fine when selecting the switches as “buttons” - but only up to three taps (four-taps don’t seem to work). And since you can’t set multiple “or” conditions like with Automations, I guess you still have to set up each switch in large functional group one switch at a time in order to have any of them trigger the same scene. Really? This is still required?

Sure would love to hear there’s a way to make any of this work better or easier (and hopefully it doesn’t involve HS firmware updates…)


P.S. I did see that krlaframboise has some DTHs that apparently work but they involve child devices for each function which makes for a messy device list. She/he says it’s all a workaround for something with SmartThings’ new architecture… all above my pay grade…

I am not familiar with the devices but from your description and a skim through of the handlers it would appear that your issue is that the device handlers you are using are dwelling in the past.

Once upon a time the button attribute only had ‘pushed’ and ‘held’ values and so to handle multiple taps the de facto fudge of inserting a button ‘number’ in the event data emerged. So for example four taps down might be represented by the handler as a button press with the number set to 10. This is recognised by Smart Lighting, webCoRE and no doubt several other apps that I haven’t used. It is not recognised by Automations and is not part of the capability schema, which means you can increasingly expect it not to work.

The world has moved on and the button attribute can cope with a considerable range of values rendering the button number fudge unnecessary. Button numbers were also used for actual multiple button devices but the modern way of handling those is with composite devices using child buttons. Automations handle all this stuff. Smart Lighting and webCoRE can cope.

@krlaframboise knows what he is doing, and then some. In your position I’d be tempted to consider using them as my starting point. If something doesn’t work as you’d like you’d at least know you are working with bang up to date handler.

I took a quick look a few minutes ago to see what the child devices are about. Basically the devices have certain functions that can’t be supported by standard capabilities and the modern way of handling that sort of thing is to define custom capabilities. These are not yet supported in Automations so he has backed them up with workarounds based on child devices using stock capabilities that the Automations do understand. This is essentially new functionality. I see that he has chosen not to define the devices as composite devices, so yes you’ll see extra child devices in your device list.


Thanks for taking the time to answer - very much appreciated.

I’m going to take your advice and try the DTHs from @krlaframboise. I suppose that - given he does not have a handler for HomeSeer’s older switches (the WD/WS-100) and I see no other options other than the HomeSeer/DarwinsDen DTH I’m using now - I may already have some work to do?