HomeSeer HS-DS100+


is there anyone who tried the HomeSeer HS-DS100+ on smartthing? I Have a homeseer system at my place, and this is for my mom ( i gave her my smartthing v2)… so i need it to work lol

thank you

Use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the device type handler section, and look on the lighting list. There is at least one thread there for the Homeseer HSDS100+. You can read that thread to see user experiences and ask any follow-up questions you might have.

sorry i just edited the post .
i meant the HomeSeer HS-DS100+

Same answer. :sunglasses: Look on the “Lighting” quick browse list.

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thank you!

Was anyone able to get the Homeseer Window/Door Sensor HS-DS100+ working with smartthings?