Homeseer Door Sensor

Looking for some help or ideas.

I have 3 door senors that will show unavailable after 10-12 hours of a door not opening. I have device viewer on/off with no change in their availability after said time.

I have contacted Homeseer and they were very helpful in telling me it was a Smartthings issue and not their issue. Any thoughts or ideas?


what device handler are you using?

I am using the handler provided by Homeseer in their home page.

It happens to all three sensors. Once you open the door. And then close it, it is basically reset and like nothing is wrong.

i’m guessing they haven’t implemented device health in their device handler

I will try and contact them again to see if they have that or not. Thanks for the help!

Good luck. SmartThings hasn’t provided any good documentation on Device Health for hub connected devices, but they can look at most any default device handler and see how it is implemented.

you could also try just switching the Type in the IDE to a standard z-wave door window sensor and see if it works.

Can you elaborate on how to see in the device handler? I’m very green, but can learn quick.