Offline devices that still function?

I’ve have 3 Zigbee door sensors that seem to spend more time offline (according to the IDE and app when Device Health is on) than not yet they still function. And when I look at them on the app (Things page or Smart Home Monitor’s Right Now section) they always show the correct state. Because of this I have had Device Health turned off in the app for quite some time.

This weekend I noticed my SmartThings brand vibration sensor (just got it in May) and one of my Kwikset 916 Zigbee locks (I have 6) doing the same thing. The vibration sensor rests on my doorbell chime to send an alert to my phone when the doorbell rings and it still does this even while it says offline. My lock shows up as “unknown” on the app (Smart Locks > Status) yet I can still control it from there. I can also still control the lock from the Things page (and the things page shows the correct state).

When I login to the IDE and look at these devices they all say “offline” near the top but down towards the bottom they always show the correct state (closed/open, locked/unlocked, etc.). When I first noticed this weirdness with the door sensors I tried factory resetting them and removing them from the app and re-adding them but it didn’t help. Haven’t tried that yet with the vibration sensor and door lock since I just noticed them doing this this weekend but I’m guessing that won’t help either. Any point in emailing support about this or are they just going to tell me to unplug my router and hub for 15 seconds?

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