Home seeking vengeance or weird glitch

(Joe) #1

So Yesterday about 9:30 AM Central my wife was taking out the garbage and when she returned, the door was locked. She claims she didn’t lock it, and I don’t see anything in the event logs that shows the door was locked. I also don’t have an application installed that locks when everyone leaves. Does anyone have any theories or trouble shooting steps to help me determine what really happened?

(Chrisb) #2

What kind of lock do you have?

I have a Kwikset and it has a “built-in” relock function that you can enable or disable. When enabled it will automatically relock itself 30 seconds after being unlocked. This relock is built into the lock itself, it isn’t controlled by SmartThings, and therefore doesn’t show up as an event in ST. (ST will update to show it as locked when the device is next polled, but not when the event happens.)

(Tim Slagle) #3

Poltergeist for sure. Call Ghost-busters.

(Joe) #4

I have a Kwikset lock also. I checked and I don’t have the auto lock set, but that does sound like what’s happened. Hopefully it was just a hiccup, and not a sign. My lock is begining to fail.