Door Opens 1 Hour after it's locked

My door unlocks automatically after 1 hour. I have it set to unlock when I get home and lock when I leave. I deleted all routines and set them back up. Nothing is to trigger an unlock unless my phone returns.

It does not show up in Notifications Logs stating why it was opened.
Just in Event Logs where it reports it unlocked. I’m stumped. Basically started after a 12/10 update. Any ideas?

Have you went into your recent events in the device tab in the classic smart app? It will tell you what triggered the event in there.

I went to the door and all it says is Door lock is unlocked. Doesn’t say why or what. I click it and nothing. Is there a different log in the app?

Brand and model of the lock?

Kwikset 916. It was fine for over 2 years.

It’ll even do it when I’m home. Autolock at a time. Unlock 1 hour later. Some kind of timer. But I got nothing.

When looking in the event logs, does any more information show up what you click on All vs. Displayed vs. Frome vs. From Device? Clicking on All should hopefully give a little more info.

Is your arrival sensor seen as leaving and returning on that time?


It appears that your lock command you issued resulted in “Jammed” status for the lock, perhaps unable to lock properly??? but the lock returned unlock status in the next status request (poll) which occurs every hour (so hour later after the lock command).

If you run into this issue again, please ping me, perhaps it is good to check to make sure your lock is physically performing as expected when locking and unlocking.


Absolutely crazy! There are a lot of flaky things with smartthings but presence has to be the flakiest. You might as well just leave the doors unlocked for all the confidence I have in smartthings or anything else’s ability to know where I’m at.

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