[Obsolete] Club Steve's AutoLock

Hey guys,

There’s another thread floating around where I’ve tossed around this SmartApp. There has been enough good feedback that I think it deserves its own thread. Please provide feedback and suggestions. Thanks!!

I’ve added a bit of intelligence for failed lock attempt notifications, and retries. I created this a very long time ago, and I’m not a real programmer, so feel free to pick it apart and laugh.


Before anyone asks, the Club Steve moniker wasn’t really chosen by me. Friends just always called me that because of my obsession with kilowatt-level subwoofers stuffed anywhere I can. My house has lasers, fog, spotlights, an a theater in the middle of a blacked-out living room… the name just stuck.

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I too have had problems with locks auto locking with various rules and apps in the past, so I will check this out. One thing I noticed already was that it didn’t send me a push notification when I entered in bad lock codes. My Device type supports it and it did show in the activity log that failed codes were entered. I had DEBUG logging off though. Any ideas?

I never added it. Good feature to look into though! Basically I created this (feels like two years ago now,) because nothing existed to auto-lock our doors with any intelligence. The available solutions at the time would cause my deadbolt to hit the door jam when closed sometimes, and just not lock reliably.

The idea was really just to have a lightweight, reliable auto-locking solution. I know there are more advanced smartapps out there like the lock code managers that might even have some/all of this logic.

I’ve been having the same weird issues that many others have reports with the original autolock smartapp. I thought it was somehow related to a delay in the app registering the open/closed contact of the front door given I am reading that status from my home alarm rather than a ST connected sensor (using AlarmServer running on a Raspberry Pi2). My biggest issue was that the door would randomly unlock after being locked which is unacceptable even though it would lock itself again after a few minutes (I have a 5 minute delay).

I hope your app will bring me better luck and a safer home :slight_smile: Is Beta 0.2 the latest?

Hey Alex, that’s the latest stable release. I’ve been working on a big refresh with lots of new user selectable options. Might take me another week. I’ve been having issues with the ST quirks myself, and I’m having to essentially trick/cheat the system to be reliable enough to feel safe about a door lock control app.

Many other apps, such as Rule Machine, have had a bunch of issues with platform stability. I’m sure it is likely related.

Yup, I am having a frustrating week with RM as well. Lots of my rules are losing actions, or triggers, or whatever.

Thanks for all your effort. I’m a little confused though.

What does this mean?
Delay for re-lock w/o opening door? (Seconds)

I’m trying to simply lock my door when it is closed after 5 min.
I don’t want it to lock if it is open. *killing my molding


My app will do exactly what you’re asking for.

Technically you could do it with Rule Machine as well. It just wouldn’t have additional door logic like mine.

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So, I have Delay for auto-lock after door is closed set for 1800.

What do i put for Delay for re-lock w/o opening door? (Something over 1800?)

Keep in mind that this app is designed to never lock while your door is open. The idea with that second variable is to re-lock your door if you unlock without opening. Via automation or manually. It’s just a hit of reassurance.

I have mine set to lock immediately when closed, and 5 minutes after unlock w/o open.

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One thought to this very simple effective app.

Sometimes I don’t want auto-lock, like if I’m going back and forth between my garage and house.

The addition of a limiter switch would be excellent, that way, one could use a virtual switch to toggle the app on and off or maybe another lock even.

If one lock is unlocked than disable auto-lock to the existing locks.

Good point! I’m having my home automation stuff shipped to my new home in Maui and I’ll be glad to look at adding features then. Life has been a bit crazy. Basically living in a new city each week for work travel.

I hear you! I’m stationary…but between my house, my mom’s house and my girlfriends house, there’s always something that needs to be done!

I’ve simulated this very thing with CoRE but I have a hard time finding the right logic to make it work as solidly and reliably as your app does. I’m not sure if I just haven’t stumbled on the right logic or it’s platform issue from time to time.

Anyway, your app is solidly reliable for whatever reason…and most of all, it is the only app I can find that will lock an unlocked door if not used.

When I arrive home I want the flexibility to unlock multiple doors, not just one. I will only use 1 door at a time obviously. With all other solutions the door used is the only door that locks back, which makes no sense to me. Auto-lock should be to lock back an unlocked door at a set amount of time, not just the used door.

Thanks. If you do getting around to updating this the addition of either SMS alerts, or even better, ContactBook support would be really nice. Most of my users don’t care to be notified about most things, whereas I usually do.

Finally got around to adding this… Been wanting to for a long time. Works great! By the way, I had to copy paste vs github integration, is that true for everyone?

Thanks again

Hmm. I have previously used github, but I haven’t had to refresh it in a while.

Well I had my first experience with the AutoLock failing to lock. I was nicely notified by the app. When I got home and tried to manually unlock and lock the lock it felt horrible! I could even see the deadbolt was slightly cocked. I thought oh sh!t, I have just broke a very expensive lock! Then I cycled the deadbolt via the TouchPad and that cleaned things up. Now manual cycling feels normal again. Has anyone experienced this from a kwikset before? I am sure someone didn’t quite shut the door completely. I don’t think I could accurately reposition the switch to reliability distinguish between fully closed and almost… Any advice?

Yes, this absolutely DOES happen, hence the alert. Though that does give me an idea. Perhaps I should have the lock fully unlock then lock again. It’s been months since I’ve looked my code, but I don’t believe that is the current behavior. My Kwikset normally fully retracts when it fails, so I never thought of it. (Fully retracts, but can still fail, if say the door isn’t fully closed/aligned, but the door sensors thinks it is.)