Home Security allow the siren and lights to work when "Armed/Home" not just "Away"

We mainly want to use Smartthings as our Home Security but it seems to be lacking some features. After i setup the armed home and away sensors, it takes me to a page asking to configure intrusion alarm notifications… i set some lights to turn on, and the siren(doorbell) to go off. These alarms only work if it is set to armed away, but not armed home and there is no setting to choose! :frowning: … why?

I really want the lights to come on, and for the siren to beep for both away and home, that way if someone gets in, in the middle of the night while we are sleeping, it will scare/deter them away. ya know? not just notify our phones… i want them to know they tripped something and run away… not continue on.

I deleted the smart home monitor, and set it up from scratch, 2 times, and on the second time, it started working??? must be a bug… but im happy to say it is working now, in armed home and armed away modes. I also added a mp3 to my doorbell that is 60 seconds of it beeping every few seconds… sounds just like my inlaw’s vivant alarm when you walk in, and as soon as you disarm it, it stops. Defiantly should be enough to deter anyone who makes it through one of the doors while it is armed

Just be aware that if access to the SmartThings cloud is not available, either because the Internet is down or because the cloud itself is down, you will not have anyway to disarm Smart home monitor. Or turn off the siren.

If the smartthings cloud is not available, then the mobile app cannot talk to the hub even if they are both on the same local network. (Technically they could, but that’s just not the way that SmartThings as designed.)

Also the lights may or may not work under these conditions, it depends on exactly which devices you are using.

Finally, you will not get any notifications if the cloud is not available, not even to your own phone.

I mention this because sometimes people intentionally locate a siren in a place which is physically hard to get to and then when there is an Internet or cloud outage they have no way to turn it off. :disappointed_relieved:

So just something to be aware of as you are planning your system layout.

the audio file is only 60 seconds, so it stops after that… and it is in a place i can unplug it.

thanks for the info though!

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